Senior Bowl Snapshot Evaluation

QB Film Room isolates a single play from mondays team period session for review.      

Prospect Series, Nate Sudfeld (Indiana)

We take a look at rising senior Nate Sudfeld.  

Prospect Series, Carson Wentz (NDSU)

  Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room takes us inside the Tape by looking at a Carson Wentz throw to beat Northern Iowa earlier in the 2015 campaign.    

Alex Smith/Travis Kelce Inside the Tape

During Saturday Evening’s contest between KC and Houston, there was a defining play that essentially turned the momentum over to KC for good. This particular chunk play in the passing game produced a big gain for the Chiefs and propelled them to a defining scoring drive early in the contest.  (All Content is owned by the NFL and is being used ONLY for educational and commentary purposes) As we can see, the Chiefs come out in heavy (12) Personnel and stack their two receivers. The Texans combat the formation with a classic… Read More

Snapshot Evaluation of Blaine Gabbert

The 2015 San Francisco 49er season brought backup QB Blaine Gabbert into the Spotlight after he took over as the starter after week 8. The opportunity provided the former 1st round pick the opportunity to update his resume and gain valuable starting experience. QB Film Room takes a look at a few All-22 plays from the season.  

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