Pre Season Pro QB Guide Preview, Atlanta Falcons.

#2 Matt Ryan 6’4” 221 9th Year, Boston College. Nobody and I mean nobody throws a prettier pass than Matt Ryan. From the quickness of set­up to the natural ball carriage during his drop to the way his feet work in unison with his eyes, Ryan is purely text book in all things fundamental to playing the position at the NFL level. Not to mention he is tough as nails. Ryan consistently displays a rhythmic feel to his game and is one of the better anticipatory throwers in the league. Ryan also… Read More

QB Film Room Publication Preview, Jameis Winston.

Winston’s initial impact on the NFL was felt by everyone associated with him. His ability to instantly become the vocal leader of the Bucs entire team is something rarely if ever seen in a rookie signal caller. From Day 1, he was in charge. It is one thing to talk a big game but he was able to produce at a high level week in and week out consistently making big plays for the Tampa  offense and was the main catalyst in many of the their wins during 2015. There are many… Read More

CFL QB Evaluation Dan Lefevour (Tampa Bay Bucs QB in 2016)

Veteran Pro QB Dan Lefevour will be competing for a roster spot in Tampa and we go to the archive to take a look at him in action during the 2013 CFL season. Positives – It is evident on tape that Lefevour possesses NFL level size and athleticism for the position. He is able to evade defenders while running the football and possesses a decent burst as well. He truly is an instinctual runner of the football. He also has a “decent” arm as he is able to spray the ball down… Read More

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