Inside the Design – Marcus Mariota to Delanie Walker

Author- Bryan Trulen Mike Mularkey may be one of the more underrated offensive designers and play callers in the league. Mularkey has a history of success in developing quarterbacks and utilizing his Tight Ends in a highly creative fashion.  Lets take a look a look at the Titans 2nd play of the game against the Jaguars as we go inside the design. (All screen shots courtesy of NFL Game Pass) Tennessee comes out in TE dominated version of “Base” personnel. Their X Receiver is in a Tight Split and the strong side… Read More

QB Film Room Podcast episode 5

Jared Goff, Blake Bortles and Marcus Mariota are discussed  

The Kevin Hogan Inexperience

Cleveland QB Kevin Hogan saw the field for the first time against the Bengals. On his last drive of the game there were however some missed opportunities for the Signal Caller that may attributable to not having great feet as well as an inability to throw with anticipation outside the numbers.

Stafford strikes again. Late game magic from rising MVP candidate.

Analyzing Matthew Stafford’s game winning Touchdown Drive to beat the Redskins.

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford again showed why he is a legitimate MVP candidate as he engineered yet another 4th quarter comeback victory over Washington. Stafford effortlessly moved the Lions down the field with under 2 minutes remaining in a drive that showcased traits such as awareness, a quick release,functional mobility, accuracy, timing and sheer arm power.  Let’s go to the tape and take a look. All Video Capture courtesy of NFL Game Pass. With just over 1:00 to play, Detroit comes out in 10 personnel and the Redskins are deploying a… Read More

Inside the Design- Eli Manning to Odell Beckham Jr.

Author- Bryan Trulen New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning has an intuitive feel for timing and touch within the passing game. We take a look at a momentum changing connection with OBJ from the Ravens game. (All Video Frame Content Owned by NFL Game Pass) New York comes out in 11 personnel deploying 1 RB and 1 TE with Odell Beckham Jr (X WR) stationed at the top of the screen. OBJ uses a tight split alignment which will allow him to use all 53 yards of the field to his favor… Read More

All-22 Review – Deep Ball Perfection utilizing Run Heavy Personnel.

Situation- Beginning 2nd half play against New York, Minnesota lines up in 21 personnel on 1st and 10 from the 25 yard line. This base offensive look limits what the Giants can do defensively as they clearly deploy a single high safety look with press man coverage on the outside with 8 defenders in the “Box”.  (All Content courtesy of NFL Game Pass) As Sam Bradford receives the snap from under center, the Giant defense does not know if it is going to be a pass or a run. Notice how their… Read More

Marcus Mariota Deep Ball

Beautiful Play Design by Tennessee allows Marcus to unleash his natural deep throwing ability on this play. Deep TD Pass from MM, beautiful design. — QB Film Room (@QBFilmRoom)  

Geno Smith Scouting Report

Geno Smith has admitted to getting antsy as he continues to reside on the bench even with the Jets in the middle of a losing streak. It brings us back to 2014 when Geno Smith performed at a Pro Bowl Level albeit in spades for a then Marty Morningwegh led offense. Update – (November 2017) The New York Giants have elected to give Geno his chance as he has been named the Giants starter for the rest of the year For an In-Depth Tape Based Report on Geno Smith, Be sure to… Read More

Chicago Bears All-22 Run Game Analysis

Chicago was able to spring a long run with stellar execution within their offensive line group vs Indianapolis.

Matt Ryan to Julio Jones All-22

Matt Ryan Throws Deep to Julio Jones for a big gain.

Sam Bradford to Stefon Diggs Throw

Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room takes a look at the All-22 Tape of a particular Bradford to Diggs completion from the NYG game.

Bruce Arians Play Action Design

Bruce Arians is considered the best Deep Passing Concept Play Designer in the league. Here we go to the 2015 Film Vault with a Classic BA concept.  Arians uses 11 Personel but Keeps the TE staying in to block for Palmer and runs a deep out post concept with an extra wrinkle. John Brown, Starts as if he is running a Deep Over or Deep Crosser but bends the route back to the outside, losing the defender. This double move concept is only made possible with Play Action and Palmer avoiding pressure…. Read More

Early Sleeper College QB – Philip Nelson, ECU

Author- Bryan Trulen Phil Nelson, a Fifth Year Senior QB who played for the Minnesota Gophers from 2012-2013 is first in completions and fifth in passing yardage for all of Division 1 through the first four weeks of football as the triggerman for a pass centric high octane East Carolina offense. Nelson is completing nearly 75% of his passes and has thrown 9 Touchdowns with 3 INT thus far.  Nelson 6’2″ 215 brings with him a quick release and a natural inclination be very decisive with the football and the ability to… Read More

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