Isolation Series, Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has made throwing the football with anticipation and timing a staple of his game since entering the Pro ranks in 2008. Here we we go to the tape and see Ryan do what he does best… Throw the football with ease, anticipation, touch and with placement on a deep out breaking route.

Isolation Series, Carson Palmer (2016)

In this video, we isolate an elite Palmer throw showcasing traits such as sound lower and upper body throwing mechanics, anticipation, eye manipulation and pure arm strength.

Golden Tate’s Tool Kit.

Author- Bryan Trulen Many People are blaming the Vikings defense for the “collapse” on sunday against Detroit. While placing blame on the defense is convenient for fans, it is far from the truth. The Vikings defense did not play bad they  just happened to be playing against one of the most highly skilled and nuanced offenses in football as relates to play-calling, perimeter conceptual design, route running, intelligence, toughness and formation multiplicity. For times sake we are going to look at a defining play from the All-22 vantage point – Matthew Stafford… Read More

Carson Palmer to Larry Fitzgerald (Deep Over)

Larry Fitzgerald shows us how selling and pressing the Defender vertically along with sudden and deceptive movements can create extra separation.

Derek Carr To Michael Crabtree

Raider QB Derek Carr shows the ability to throw well on the move

Isolation Series, Philip Rivers

Rivers continues to play the position with a refined sense of mechanics and awareness. In this Video we isolate a play that showcase traits such as coverage recognition, pace of dropback, touch, anticipation and release speed.

Islolation Series, Kirk Cousins

Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins is one of the better touch and anticipation throwers in the league, here we take a look at a throw from the Detroit game.

All 22 – Alex Smith to Demetrius Harris

Alex Smith Throws the “Corner” Route to Chiefs TE Demetrius Harris- who gives his route away due to his lack of seasoning as a route runner

Drew Brees All 22 INT Analysis

Drew Brees misfired against Kansas City resulting in a momentum changing pick six for the opposition.

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