Player Review, Robert Griffin III


With Robert Griffin not seeing the field at all in 2015 and his pending status being all but done as a quarterback in the nation’s capital, Robert’s destination in 2016 is up in the air.  In doing our annual end of season player reviews we were forced to go back to the 2014 tape on Griffin. Below  are some of our notes while watching the All-22 film from a late season affair between New York and Washington.

Robert Griffin III looks the part and from an unscripted and scripted movement perspective, is as good they come at the QB position. RG3 made plays on the move yet struggled with pre snap reads especially in the short game.  It is apparent to us at QB Film Room that Jay Gruden and his staff are encouraging Robert to use his legs on unscripted movement.  Robert shows above average ability to make down the field throws when making the correct reads from the pocket. We feel Robert  has elite movement skills, above average arm strength and is fearless in the pocket as well. He also is one of the better off script movers in the league at the position.

Griffin’s  perpetual achilles heel is deciphering his options before the snap, particularly pertaining to the short and even intermediate passing game.  He must get better at diagnosing coverages pre snap while speeding up his internal clock post snap.  Robert also must continue to sharpen his decision making skills from the pocket. 

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