Isolation Series, DeShaun Watson & Pitching It Deep (Clemson)

  Within a handful of things Mr. Watson does well, throwing down the middle of the field is one of them. In this clip we isolate a throw that speaks to his ability to make sound pre snap judgment and deliver with great placement and velocity    

Prospect Series, Joshua Dobbs (Tennessee)

  Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs is an intriguing guy at the QB Position. For an In-Depth Scouting Report on Dobbs check out our 2017 College QB Prospect Guide  

In-Depth Look, Mitch Leidner (Minnesota)

Player Profile, Brian Hoyer San Francisco

We take a delve into the All-22 tape of Brian Hoyer. We feature four throws that give us an overall feel for his game

2017 Free Agent Quarterback Supply (Part.1)

2017 Free Agent Quarterback Supply- “The Highly Qualified” Author – Bryan Trulen   The Free Agent Quarterback market is extremely robust. A number of qualified to highly qualified (by NFL standards) quarterbacks will be in supply for a finite number of potential job openings around the league. Let’s take a look at the high end market landscape as we enter free agency Highly Qualified – Just because a quarterback finds himself in this category does not mean he will automatically be given an opportunity to come in and start somewhere. More often… Read More

QB Garrett Fugate Preview, Central Missouri

Fugate has qualities that cannot be taught such as an innate feel for passing windows, the ability to manipulate the football and a keen sense of pressure

Player Profile – Mike Glennon

Glennon is only 27 years old and at one point was considered the Bucs QB of the future until Greg Schiano was fired. Glennon threw for 19 TD’s and 7 INT’s as a rookie and has a propensity for being calm in critical situations

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