AFC In-Division Quarterback Rankings (Pre-Season 2017)

The Dead Period, 2017 Pro QB Almanac and AFC Quarterbacks are discussed. Purchase the 2017 Pro QB Almanac

Derek Carr Rookie Film Evaluation (2015)

Derek Carr recently signed a long term deal that will pay him well. We go to our archive and present you with an evaluation of his game.

NFC In-Division QB Rankings (Pre-Season 2017)

Isolation Series, Sam Bradford to Adam Thielen All-22

Roster Overview Podcast, Green Bay (2017)

Bryan Trulen takes a look at Green Bay

Roster Overview Podcast – Minnesota (2017)

Our first episode of our Summer Podcast Series featuring a Roster Overview of the Minnesota Vikings QB Room. If you value the content you find on this blog feel free to leave a donation to help support us.  Donate Via PayPal

Blake Bortles Missing Throws

For Extensive Research on every rostered Quarterback in the League, go ahead and purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac  

QB Film Room Blog Overview

2017 Rookie QB Guide Publication

Bryan Trulen provides an Overview on our 2017 Rookie QB Guide

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