LA Rams 2016 QB Preview

Author – Bryan Trulen

With the move from Missouri to LA, it is safe to say the Rams are searching for a star powered QB who can produce consistently for the team. They selected Jared Goff #1 overall in the 2016 draft with the intent of him being their franchise QB of the future. We go ahead and take a look at who they have on their roster.



#17 Case Keenum  6’0 1/2 205 5th Year, University of Houston

Case is a gun slinging, risk taking type of quarterback who lacks NFL Size. Case is a pocket passer at heart who has a high football IQ. Case possesses a very crisp and clean throwing motion without much wasted motion. Case has decent mechanics throwing the ball as well. He does struggle to see at times and lacks the requisite arm strength to push the ball outside the hash marks with velocity.  Case  does an excellent job at getting the ball out fast and accurately within the short game and is a very good seam ball thrower. His deep balls with lose steam at the end of throw. Case has shown well during the pre-season and looks very poised and decisive operating within the Rob Boras system out in LA.

#16 Jared Goff  6’4″ 215 Rookie, California
In studying Goff during the lead up to the draft it became apparent that he shows elements of Tom Brady but also Nick Foles on tape. Goff is a very decisive and smooth thrower making great pre-snap reads while trusting his receivers, much like Tom Brady. Goff reminds us of Brady specifically when operating as a passer within the short and intermediate game. Goff however will become skittish in the pocket when he feels pressure either real or perceived, thus reminding us of Nick Foles in that regard.
At times Goff has showed the ability to evade pressure and make plays outside of structure, yet other times Goff’s lack of pocket awareness led to mistakes and mis-fires on throws. He also played in a very quarterback friendly system at Cal which makes his projection to NFL a bit tougher.  Goff is an athletic mostly fluid mover who will anticipate throws. Arm talent wise he is very similar to Matt Ryan as Goff possesses a very quick release and ability to get rid of ball in a hurry.
#14 Sean Mannion  6’6″ 233 2nd Year, Oregon State
Sean Mannion is a big quarterback who was drafted by the team as a developmental prospect in 2015 and who we believe has a bright future in the league. Blessed with ideal size and a fluid throwing motion, Mannion has shown shades of Drew Bledsoe in the way he throws the football. Mannion shows the ability to change ball speeds with ease and throw with good ball location on different types of throws. Experience will be the number one concern for Mannion as he looks to continue to develop as a reserve and possible starting (eventually) quarterback for the LA Rams.


#5 Nick Foles, 6’6” 225 5th Year, Arizona (No Longer on Roster)

Nick Foles’ Pro Bowl season of 2013 seems very distant just less than three years later. Foles was hand picked by Andy Reid in the 2012 draft and enjoyed tremendous success playing for Chip Kelly as an Eagle during 2013. Foles brings many good traits to the table such as his high end deep ball accuracy and a his instincts for letting it rip deep down the field.
Foles has an innate ability to throw deep ball (Post and Fade) with touch, arm strength and ball placement.  A major weakness for Foles though are his cement feet in the pocket and a deer in head lights look at times when forced to deal with pressure. He is a highly natural accurate thrower of the ball though. Foles is equipped with just average pocket feel and can be frazzled by pressure on a fairly routine basis. His best fit is in a west coast system and he recently signed with Kansas City reuniting with Andy Reid. Do not be shocked if Foles enjoys success in Kansas City.

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