Isolation Series, Drew Brees & Touch

We take a look at a throw from the Detroit game where Brees demonstrated elite touch throwing the football.

Isolation Series, The Kevin Stefanski Boot-Action Game

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Inside the Tape Post/Cross Combo (Drew Brees & Sean Payton)

QB Film Room takes us inside the All-22 Tape. New Orleans HC Sean Payton is an Elite Play Designer. The post/cross combo is a prevalent concept throughout the National Football League and we take a look at it here. Want to Learn more about NFL Quarterbacks and what the tape says about all of them? Well, then I would recommend checking out our 2017 Pro QB Almanac, a thorough, in-depth tape study of every rostered QB in league… Find it here  2017 Pro QB Almanac  

Isolation Series, Nick Foles to Torrey Smith

We take an All-22 look at the game defining play  

Isolation Series, Nick Foles to Zach Ertz (2017)

We take a look at Nuanced Scheme Design by Doug Pederson and Company  

Isolation Series, Jared Goff & Post Snap Processing

We take a look at a play from the Falcons game For in-depth granular film analysis on Jared Goff & every single other NFL QB subscribe to QB Film Room’s Premium Pass  

Film Review, Matt Ryan’s Final Drive in Philly (2017 Playoffs)

Author – Bryan Trulen The Falcons came up short on the Final possession against the Eagles. We take a look at the All-22 Video & Form our own Conclusions. For an In-Depth Report on Matt Ryan, purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac    

Jim Bob Cooter (Lions) Red Zone Perimeter Design

High level passing game design near the goal line    

Anatomy Of A Play, Throwing “Hot” even when it looks covered

We take a look at a play from the Titans game where Gabbert pulls back on his “Hot” read due to not trusting his ability to throw with touch. For all that Gabbert is and is not, throwing with touch is not a refined aspect to his game. We all know about Gabbert’s inherent athleticism, quick release and even sheer arm strength. However, he is not a quarterback who seems to have the innate ability to process intuitively and trust his ability to throw with touch.         For A… Read More

All-22 Snapshot, Sean McVay & Jared Goff

The Rams have always had a great defense but with the addition of Sean McVay as a HC their offense has gone from worst to best in the league. McVay is an excellent play designer and has a knack for timing with his play calling. We take a look at a play from the Texans game where the Rams were inside their own five yard line and McVay took the opportunity to pull the trigger on a beautifully crafted shot play versus quarters coverage out of 20 personel Note – Notice how… Read More

Isolation Series, Matt Ryan To Julio Jones (Post-Out)

In our Iso Series, We look at how Matt Ryan incorporates feet, release, touch and anticipation to ensure completion on a double move out by Julio Jones

Inside the Design, Matt Moore to Kenny Stills (2017)

Author – Bryan Trulen The Dolphins were sparked by Matt Moore’s entrance into the game sunday against Tampa as he threw for 282 yards and posted a 102 rating. We Isolate the touchdown pass to Kenny Stills. Read about the entire landscape of NFL Quarterbacks in our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

The Alex Smith & Andy Reid Marriage

Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room goes inside the Andy Reid Playbook

Lions QB Matthew Stafford and OC Jim Bob Cooter’s Relationship (2016)

We take a look at some 2015 Lions Tape that show us how Jim Bob makes things easy for the Lions QB.

Inside the Design, Adam Gase and Ryan Tannehill

We take a look at a just outside the Red-Area Concept Miami uses to perfection against Arizona from 2016

Inside the Design, Josh McDaniels/TomBrady

McDaniels has a rare ability to design and implement go to Concepts all over the Field.

Inside the Design, Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers put together his best all around performance of the year on Christmas Eve against Minnesota. We isolate a handful of his masterful throws on the day in the video below Read about Rodgers in our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

The Art of Play Calling – Pat Shurmur/Sam Bradford

  In the video below, New York Giants HC Pat Shurmur demonstrates his ability to be deft with play calling  

Play Action Deception, Kyle Shanahan (2016)

Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room shows us how deception serves a purpose within the play-pass game

Designed Movement within the Kyle Shanahan Attack

Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room shows us how Shanahan properly designs movement concepts for Matt Ryan

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