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Jim Bob Cooter (Lions) Red Zone Perimeter Design

High level passing game design near the goal line    

Lions QB Matthew Stafford and OC Jim Bob Cooter’s Relationship (2016)

We take a look at some 2015 Lions Tape that show us how Jim Bob makes things easy for the Lions QB.

2017 Pre-Season NFL Quarterback Rankings

Author – Bryan Trulen For In-Depth Analysis on the entire NFL Quarterback Landscape be sure to purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac Photo Credit – Steve Senne AP Tom Brady His Clutch SB performance was arguably the best of All-Time Aaron Rodgers His 2nd half of 2016 was MVP Esque Matt Ryan Replicating 2016 will be impossible but still a top gun Matthew Stafford Dark Horse Super Bowl Pick. Playing in Detroit makes him fly under radar still  Ben Roethlisberger Is this the year Pitt gets back to SB? May be Big Ben’s last shot….. Read More

Roster Overview Podcast, Detroit

Bryan Trulen discussed the Lions QB Room entering Training Camp. For In-Depth Scouting Reports on all three Lions Quarterbacks, purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac  

Golden Tate’s Tool Kit.

Author- Bryan Trulen Many People are blaming the Vikings defense for the “collapse” on sunday against Detroit. While placing blame on the defense is convenient for fans, it is far from the truth. The Vikings defense did not play bad they  just happened to be playing against one of the most highly skilled and nuanced offenses in football as relates to play-calling, perimeter conceptual design, route running, intelligence, toughness and formation multiplicity. For times sake we are going to look at a defining play from the All-22 vantage point – Matthew Stafford… Read More

Stafford strikes again. Late game magic from rising MVP candidate.

Analyzing Matthew Stafford’s game winning Touchdown Drive to beat the Redskins.

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford again showed why he is a legitimate MVP candidate as he engineered yet another 4th quarter comeback victory over Washington. Stafford effortlessly moved the Lions down the field with under 2 minutes remaining in a drive that showcased traits such as awareness, a quick release,functional mobility, accuracy, timing and sheer arm power.  Let’s go to the tape and take a look. All Video Capture courtesy of NFL Game Pass. With just over 1:00 to play, Detroit comes out in 10 personnel and the Redskins are deploying a… Read More

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