Week 7 Premium Pass Game Analysis (2019) Chargers @ Titans, 10/20/2019

Below is a sample report of game analysis, a key feature of Premium Pass Analysis Player –  #17 Philip Rivers (QB) 1st Quarter  1st Chargers Possession On the first play of the game Rivers was late throwing a wheel route into the right side hole (Cover 2) as he took multiple extra hitches resulting in pass being batted down.  Two plays later on 3rd & 8 Rivers made an excellent touch throw on a deep corner route to Hunter Henry out of trips bunch vs man to man coverage. On 2nd & 12… Read More

Player Analysis, Ryan Tannehill

Inside the Design, Adam Gase and Ryan Tannehill

We take a look at a just outside the Red-Area Concept Miami uses to perfection against Arizona from 2016

Inside the Design, Red Zone Isolation using Triple Move “Post” Route

Audio Included

Inside the Design-Utilizing Double Move Routes in Red Zone (Adam Gase)

Adam Gase uses creative Red Zone Design to score through the air. We take a frame by frame look at how it was formulated.

Inside the Design, Ryan Tannehill to Jarvis Landry

Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room takes a look at a chunk play in the passing game for Miami against Arizona. For an In-Depth Report on Tannehill, be sure to order a copy of our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

Isolation Series – Ryan Tannehill

Creator – Bryan Trulen At QB Film Room, we are introducing a new series for our viewers called Isolation. The objective of this undertaking is to scour the tape and “isolate” one play that we best feel exemplify a strength or a weakness of a specific player. Today we Discuss Ryan Tannehill.

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