Week 7 Premium Pass Game Analysis (2019) Chargers @ Titans, 10/20/2019

Below is a sample report of game analysis, a key feature of Premium Pass Analysis

Player –  #17 Philip Rivers (QB)

1st Quarter 

1st Chargers Possession

On the first play of the game Rivers was late throwing a wheel route into the right side hole (Cover 2) as he took multiple extra hitches resulting in pass being batted down. 

Two plays later on 3rd & 8 Rivers made an excellent touch throw on a deep corner route to Hunter Henry out of trips bunch vs man to man coverage.

On 2nd & 12 from just inside the fifty, Rivers was high on a deep over to Keenan Allen. Play-Action to his right with a  pre-snap two high shell but SS rolled down into box post snap & Rivers quickly ID’d where to go with the ball (away from SS rotation to deep over, but his release point was low & ball sailed on him. 

On 4th & 2 from the -31 Chargers elect to go for it & Rivers pass falls short in left flat as pressure negatively impacted play result.

Drive Result – Turnover on downs.

2nd Chargers Possession

Rivers erratic with his throw and late with eyes on under route from shotgun. 

He takes Melvin Gordon on check-down over the ball vs Tampa 2 sink. 

Great throw to Keenan Allen using his eyes to fold FS hard to right and fire a bullet to Allen running a seam from the slot (Trips) 1st & 10

Screen play sniffed out by Titans D. 

Big time throw against a single high look on 3rd and long. Rivers stood firm in pocket & delivered with anticipation & quick release to Allen over the Middle from -28 to -12. 

1st & 10 Rivers late to skinny post to his left from -12 out of 10 2×2 pers look. Incompletion. 

3rd & 10 throw to Melvin Gordon to left flat (field) almost intercepted but Gordon was the only option for Rivers. 

Drive Result – FG

3rd Chargers Possession (2nd Quarter)

1st & 10 2×2 back shoulder throw  (slot fade) vs man to man. Pinpoint placement & timing on throw. 

 2 & 9 from +31 corner route completed to Mike Williams from 2 x 2 formation vs two high safety pure cover 2 zone. Rivers sped up release & setup against outside pressure. Great catch by Williams to drag 2nd foot. 

2nd & 7 takes Ekeler on the check down as Titans play coverage and zone underneath . 

3rd & 2 on time & accurate (shotgun) to quick out to left (3×1) from -25

2nd & 9 Big time throw to Keenan Allen (3×1) backside out  (11-15 yards) Great timing & anticipation by Rivers. Single coverage. 

Chargers attempt to run ball inside the five multiple times from shotgun with wr motion window dressing. 

3rd & 1 from -1 (23 pers, motion double TE over RT) play action right, flair Tailback out to left for easy Swing Pass TD)

Drive Result – Touchdown (Pass) 

First Half Summary (Rivers)

-Really got into a groove when facing man coverage. Regularly made throws with anticipation vs this type of look (in breaking seams, deep corner. 

-Pressure affected Rivers negatively when it came to him fast. Made him throw quicker than he would like resulted in passes falling short of the intended target. 

– Showed the ability in the first half to diagnose coverages very quickly (single high off man, pure cover 2 & even rolling SS down into box post snap. 

-Each Chargers first half drive was sustainable. 

3rd Quarter 

4th Chargers possession (3rd Quarter)

1st & 10 – Sacked. Titans four deep defenders, zone under. No where to go with ball. 

3rd and long – Rivers forces a ball to deep over in congested coverage. Under was open but pressure made him guess. 

Drive Result – Punt

5th Chargers possession (3rd Quarter)

2nd & 8 Pressure immediate & coverage tight forces Rivers to throw early and high and outside. 

3rd & 8 tight coverage pass interference throws out to boundary. 

1st & 10 shot play under center play action, Rivers throws over to Allen, id’s man coverage on outside. Anticipates window, dropped. 

3rd & 8 out and up from shotgun to Keenan Allen (single coverage, single high safety) pressure gets to rivers, has to reset and throw to spot. Ball wobbles, incomplete. 

Drive Result – Punt

6th Chargers possession (4th Quarter) 

1st & 10 under center, corner – post Rivers slides left and throws with touch to Henry on corner route for big gain. 

1st & 10 under center 21 pers play action, hits Henry on dig route over ball for 23 yards. 

2nd & 8 from -27 12 pers boot right send Allen on comeback and go for shot play off play action. Rivers over shoots, good coverage. 

3rd & 8 3×1 shotgun looks to hit Henry on deep over out of trips bunch (arena style play vs man to man) pressure is there quickly, overshoots, tight coverage. 

Drive Result – FG

7th Chargers possession (4th Quarter)

1st & 10 Rivers hits underneath option vs coverage

2nd & 7 empty gun Rivers finds Henry underneath against tampa 2 deep zone under

1st & 10 – midfield Rivers finds Henry underneath against dropping coverage. 

1st & 10 -41 5 wide empty gun again, vs single high safety, Ekeler split out wide, Rivers finds him deep for score holding FS with eyes hitting ekeler on deep hitch and go fade for TD. 

Drive Result – TD

8th Chargers possession (4th Quarter, 2:35 left in game, down 23-20)

1st & 10 from +48. 5 wide gun, slant to Ekeler wide right was open, ball at targets feet & without great zip. 

2nd & 10 5 wide gun underneath throw against two high sink. 

3rd & 4 5 wide trips hits under route for conversion (man beater trips) 

1st & 10 5 wide, hits ekeler on slant (trips side) vs two high coverage. Completion

1st & 10 from -16 5 wide, inside release fade to Allen, incomplete, good coverage. Good ball. Back shoulder

2nd & 10 gun trips bunch right, Rivers hits Ekeler on texas route for big gain to -1 (2 high safety LB’s affected by trips routes vertical. 

1st & goal from -1 shotgun motion wr run stuffed. False start penalty brings it back to -6. 

1st & goal from -6. Picks right side to go with back shoulder fade to left, pass broken up. Good read. (defensive PI) 

Ist & goal from -1 run shotgun to Gordon, -1 run to Gordon (right, stuffed, fumbled) 

Drive Result – Fumble (Turnover) 

2nd Half Summary (Rivers) 

Rivers started off rather slow as pressure continually affected his placement & timing when Chargers threw out of run heavy looks or 10 personnel. 

In 4th Quarter, Chargers went shotgun five wide almost exclusively allowing Rivers to distribute the football and he consistently made good pre snap reads and was careful with his throws. Also was able to isolate deep options out of the five wide sets & give his receivers a chance. Moved ball on two minute drill effectively as well but drive stalled inside the -1 as team tried to run it in for win. 

Player Stats (Rivers)  24 of 38 for 329 Yards 2 TD 0 INT

Drive Results (8 Total)

  1. TO on downs (1st Half)
  2. FG (1st Half)
  3. TD (1st Half)
  4. Punt (2nd Half)
  5. Punt (2nd Half)
  6. FG (2nd Half)
  7. TD (2nd Half)
  8. TO (Fumble)

Player #17 Ryan Tannehill (QB)

1st Titans possession (1st Quarter)

1st & 10 Tannehill starts off firing a strike out of 21 pers to his TE on an over, placing ball behind trailing LB. great throw, under center play action. 

Tannehill then made a pair of underneath throws, taking what the defensive was giving him underneath. 

3rd & 5, incomplete on outside release hitch to right. Tight coverage. 

Drive Result – FG

2nd Titans possession (2nd Quarter)

2nd & 5 play action half roll finds Corey Davis coming back to ball from opposite side of half roll. Great catch. 

2nd & 8 12 pers play action, Tannehill moves left off script and makes a throw on the move to his left, first down. 

3rd & 5 from shotgun 3×1 10 pers undercoverage good rolls right, throwaway. 

Drive Result – Punt

3rd Titans possession (2nd Quarter)

1st & 10 under center play action throws to outside wr in twins right on slant. Completion

Under center 7 step drop drops ball down MOF to TE putting ball in a great spot for target to catch. Result- completion

Play action screen

2nd & 6 from -19 comeback to left from shotgun – completion

1st & 8 from -8 shotgun trips bunch right Tannehill makes anticipation window throw for TD between two defenders down middle of field. 

Drive Result (TD Pass)

1st Half Summary (Tannehill)

Operated under center often with both pure drop back & play action. Showed great comfort in functioning in this manner, throwing on time with accuracy & timing. Making good throws. Forced to move at times and found targets off script. All in all a very efficient half of football from Tannehill. 

4th Titans possession (3rd Quarter) 

Sack (shotgun, coverage sack)

Hit underneath route. 

Misfires on deep out to left vs single coverage. 

Sack (shotgun) LA played zone under-coverage locking up all options. 

Drive Result – Punt

5th Titans possession (3rd Quarter) 

1st & 10 from -40 21 pers trips. Play action under center, RT beat and Tannehill arm hit on throw ball flies up in air, intercepted. 

Drive Result – Interception 

6th Titans possession (3rd Quarter) 

Play action under center (Screen to right, incomplete) 

2nd & 10 from shotgun Tannehill hits out to left against single coverage, result completion. 

Finds underneath pivot route for completion underneath from shotgun. 

3rd & 2 QB Sneak for 2 yards , first down. 

1st & 10 play action boot from under center, hits WR on throw, may have been throwing to TE on weak-side over nonetheless a completion for first down. 

Tannehill arm action impacted by DE, resulting in incompletion over the middle. 

3rd & 11 Tannehill is patient and hits underneath option vs 2 high zone under for completion resulting in first down. 

Tight window throw to TE on quick out of bunch trips, getting into a groove. 

3rd & 5 (3×1) shotgun Tannehill takes backside hang slant vs 4 across look from -5. Trips receiver side ran slow under routes with backside hang slant open in which Tannehill found.  Good read, resulting in TD. 

7th Titans possession (4th Quarter) 

Takes speed out for completion from under center, safe throw. 

3rd & 5 Makes big time throw down the middle (shotgun) trips bunch 10 pers throwing with anticipation to in breaking dig route into tight window allowing for YAC for TE. 

1st & 10 -28 Drop back from under center, play breaks down gains 6 yards on the ground. 

Next three plays are runs as offense rides Derrick Henry to EZ. 

Drive Result – TD (Run)

8th Titans possession (4th Quarter) 

1st & 10 +25 Play Action boot (21 pers) finds underneath route for 9 yards rolling right. 

3rd & 4 +30 Shotgun (5 wide) Hits underneath slant (pick) route to left for first down. 

3rd & 7 +44 Shotgun (10 pers Trips bunch left) Hits in breaking route vs man coverage falls a yard short of first down. Stands tall in pocket. 

Drive Result – Punt

2nd Half Summary (Tannehill) 

Opening 2nd half drive for him resulted in a punt as he took two sacks & misfired on a deep out. 

Second drive resulted in an interception as his arm was hit due to his RT being beat. 

Tannehill responded from the adversity on the next drive as he orchestrated a 14 play 85 yard masterpiece relying on his right arm. He consistently beat the Charger defense with sound decision making, timing, anticipation & placement while also taking underneath options when there. TD pass was pinpoint as he fit the ball between two defenders over the middle giving the Titans a 6 point lead. 

On the 7th Titans drive, Tannehill made a key 3rd & 5 throw over the middle (dig route) as he remained poised in the pocket while delivering a strike. The play kept the drive alive and allowed the team to ride Derrick Henry to the end-zone to go up by 10 points in the 4th quarter. 

Player stats (Tannehill) 23 of 29 for 312 Yards 2 TD 1 INT

Drive Results (8 Total)

  1. FG (1st Half)
  2. Punt (1st Half)
  3. TD (1st Half)
  4. Punt (2nd Half)
  5. INT (2nd Half)
  6. TD (2nd Half)
  7. TD (2nd Half)
  8. Punt (2nd Half)

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