Washington Redskins 2016 QB Preview

Author – Bryan Trulen


#8 Kirk Cousins 6’3″ 210 5th Year, Michigan State
 Kirk Cousins enjoyed a fantastic 2015 in which we saw a quarterback who on multiple occasions put the offense on his own shoulders and deliver in critical moments. Kirk was rewarded with a one year franchise tag that will pay him well during 2016 and will also give him the chance to make even more money if he were to duplicate his 2015 production again.
On tape, Kirk has demonstrated that he is an easy thrower of the football who plays the position very fast in terms of his processing speed before and after the snap. Kirk we feel is a cross between Tony Romo and Matt Ryan in how he plays the position.  He is a very decisive decision maker who throws with elite touch and ball placement while consistently putting his WR’s in ideal position to make plays after the catch.  Like Romo, Cousins is not afraid to pull the trigger on designed shot plays down the field and even extend the play with his legs in order to make a throw. Cousins boasts a quick and natural throwing motion that aids him in throwing into tight windows down the field. Cousins routinely throws with very good ball placement and anticipation on down the field throws making up for any glaring arm strength limitation.
#16 Colt Mccoy 6’1″ 215 7th Year, Texas
 Colt McCoy is a 7th year veteran. Colt rarely saw the field in 2015 however in 2014 he played in stretches for the Redskins and showed he belongs in the league still. On separate occasions, Colt led Washington to a huge Monday night win at Dallas and engineered a game winning drive in a game against Tennessee which say McCoy come in off the bench and throw the ball around the yard with anticipation and accuracy. When Colt has stepped in between the white lines from 2014-2016 he has generally performed pretty well as he has used early career rough patches to develop into a crisp, smart veteran backup quarterback.  Colt was rewarded this off season with a long term deal that will keep him in the nations capital for a few more years. McCoy is a guy with a limited arm yet is able to throw with timing and good decision making within the short game in a consistent manner making good decisions with the football. Lastly, McCoy can throw well on the move and is a perfect fit for Jay Gruden’s offense in a backup role.

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