Prospect Report – Dane Evans (Tulsa)

Author – Bryan Trulen

Dane Evans 6’0” 212 Tulsa

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Dane Evans quietly had a very productive senior season at Tulsa throwing for over 3,300 yards and 32 touchdowns in leading Tulsa to a convincing victory against Central Michigan where he capped off his career in the Miami Beach Bowl by throwing for over 300 yards and five touchdowns. Evans was a three year starter at Tulsa who improved each year down in Green Country.

Film Notes – (2016) ECU, Fresno State, Tulane, Central Michigan (2015) Oklahoma  

Evans possesses a quick, natural delivery of the football. Shows the ability from the ground up to get the ball out in a hurry.  Decisive with pre snap reads operating from a shotgun based multiple receiver offense at Tulsa. Confident thrower who trusts what he sees and does not hesitate. Shows the ability to change trajectory throwing with velocity and touch when required. Innate feel for throwing his receivers open depending upon coverage. Solid internal clock. Anticipates windows with regularity within the intermediate game. Let it loose thrower. Single handedly kept Tulsa in the game against Oklahoma in 2015 by making throw after throw. Showed the ability to be consistently accurate at all levels while at Tulsa. Offense in college consisted of many short, predetermined throws that Evans mastered but won’t necessarily translate to the pro game. Film shows a quarterback who mastered the offensive down at Tulsa – something which carries weight.  Good but not great mechanics throwing the football. Reminds us a bit of Matt Barkley at times. Showed the ability to place the ball at the facemask level and in stride to short crossing routes. Sixth sense almost in terms of sensing when to get rid of the ball to open targets down the field, almost Drew Brees esque coming out of Purdue. You can tell he has an intuitive understanding of

where the ball should go against certain coverages. Undersized at just over 6’0” tall. Is going to have to be placed with a quarterback centric coaching staff in order to have a chance to develop at the next level.

Projection – Late round prospect who will surprise people when he gets into camp somewhere. Evans has the tools as a pure passer to garner serious consideration as a developmental prospect for a team. Look for Evans to possibly be selected in Round 6 or 7 but more than likely will be a priority UDFA.  

Trait Grades (D. Evans)

Arm Talent (B+)                            Toughness (B-)                                    Anticipation (A-)

Arm Strength (B)                           Pocket Presence (B)                           Football IQ (B+)

Ball Placement/Accuracy (B+)       Intangibles/Off-Field  (B-)                    Touch  (A-)

Delivery/Mechanics (B+)               Running Ability/Athleticism (C+)         Throw on Run (B)

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