Matt Moore Scouting Report

With Ryan Tannehill going down we took part of our Pro QB Almanac Report on Matt Moore and posted it below.

#8 Matt Moore 6’3″ 219 11th Year, Oregon State/UCLA

He has an exemplar internal clock that allows him to speed up or slow down his process post snap depending on the pressure and timing of a play. He also is adept at “leading” his targets to green grass deep down the field. Moore has an instinctive athletic sense about him and the Tony Romo comparison often 20170727 ale dolphins camp 019arises when trying to find a solid comparison to him. Not to say Moore is the second coming of Romo but stylistically they play the game similarly.


2017 Projection

Still considered one of the best backups in the league, Moore signed a two year deal that will pay him 3.5 million in guaranteed money. He is going to once again serve as the primary backup to Ryan Tannehill and if called upon would be able to step in and direct the offense in an NFL starter type capacity. 

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