Falcons QB Alek Torgersen Analysis

Who will the Falcons keep as their third quarterback? Alek Torgersen or Matt Simms? If it is Simms, they most likely would want to sneak Torgersen onto their practice squad but if it ends up being Torgersen, they keep they would not be able to have Simms on their practice squad because his eligibility is up.


#9 Alek Torgersen 6’2” 230 Rookie, University of Pennsylvania


Alek Torgersen threw for 36 touchdowns and 7 INT combined during his last two years as the starting quarterback at Penn. During his career as a three year starter he ended up totaling over 7,000 yards, 50 touchdowns and 17 interceptions through the air while also rushing for 900 yards and 18 touchdowns. Statistics and his tape tell us that Torgersen is one of a few legitimate dual threat rookie quarterbacks.


Has a live arm showing the ability to throw with velocity to all levels. Very quick twitched mover who has energetic feet both setting up to throw and escaping pressure. Legitimate running threat both on and off script. Is going to have to improve his overall accuracy as he transitions. Played in a somewhat simplistic spread based system with either or reads but still showed a consistent ability to make difficult throws down the field. Fairly fluid throwing motion and showed the ability to hit his targets in stride and throw them open at times. A better passer than Jake Locker coming out of college and compares athletically to Locker as well.

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