Mark Sanchez Scouting Report

Author – Bryan Trulen



#6 Mark Sanchez 6’2” 225 9th Year, USC


Since entering the league in 2009, Sanchez has thrown for over 15,000 yards with 86 touchdowns and 86  interceptions for a 73.9 rating. Mark came into the league as a 1st round pick of the New York Jets as he decided to declare for the draft days after the best game of his life in the 2009 Rose Bowl. Sanchez has alway struggled with turning the ball over since his entrance into the league but he showed promise as a young quarterback even playing for a defensive minded head coach who treated the position like a commodity. After leaving the Jets in 2014, Sanchez had a chance to start 8 games during his first year in Philly. He put up the best numbers of his career and at times looked like he could become a starter again. Mark however laid eggs against Seattle and Dallas during the month of December that year which cost the team a playoff berth. Sanchez remained with Philly in 2015 and spent last year in Dallas.


Mark has always been a technician due to how he was raised by former Elite 11 and Mission Viejo HC Bob Johnson. Since his days at USC his release has been consistently tight, his feet extremely fluid and crisp, and has showed the ability to change ball speeds intuitively (at least in the intermediate and deep game) After shoulder surgery in 2013 it has become apparent that Mark has lost some arm strength and his velocity is just not what it was from 2009-2013. What makes Mark valuable at this point of his career is the fact that he is a great teacher and mentor for a young quarterback as Mark has truly experienced about every emotion a professional quarterback can experience. Deep Playoff Run as a rookie, back to back wins against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in 2010, Disaster in 2012 dealing with Tebow mania, stellar offseason in 2013 and ready to roll with Marty Morhinweg only to get hurt during the Presason etc. Even though he has not fulfilled the billing of the “Sanchize”  Sanchez has proven a lot in terms of how much character and integrity he has as a human being during his nine year career. He has fought inner demons, kept getting up again and again and continued to work. It is hard to tell what his role may be this year with Chicago but the QB room is better for having him there.


Release, Feet, Experience, People Skills, Temperament, Football IQ at times, Touch.


Decision Making, Accuracy in short game, Erosion of Confidence, Pocket Navigation


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