Case Keenum & Kirk Cousins – One day they’re here, the next day they’re gone


Part 1 (Reaction & Cousins Scouting Report)


Mike Zimmer & Rick Spielman flat out looking the other way during the lead up to free agency has put the team in Kirk Cousins or bust mode heading into 2018. Kirk Cousins is a fine young quarterback who has established himself as an elite passer in this league that can’t be denied. Kirk has developed into one of the better touch throwers in the league and has sneaky athleticism to go with a super clean role model like image off the field. Kirk’s career record as a starter hovers around the 500 mark. Unlike Case Keenum, reacting to pressure with a sense of calm and coolness is something that is not in Kirk’s DNA as evidenced by tape over the last three years. Kirk is indeed Brady like in the pre-snap recognition phase but Kirk will trust his arm a bit too much too often which results in ill timed interceptions. The Vikings are getting a solid quarterback who had the benefit of playing in THE most QB friendly system in the league again THE MOST QB FRIENDLY SYSTEM IN THE LEAGUE.  Jay Gruden played QB Professionally for years before getting into coaching & he crafted a system that would make his Quarterbacks life easy.

Why they Turned Away from Case?

From the outset, Vikings Management seemed to go out of their way to not give Keenum praise from the moment he took the reigns as Quarterback.  Keenum had a key hand in eight of the teams wins in 2017 & he was forced to play under the gun every week due to the Staff’s reluctance to embrace him as their guy EVEN THOUGH he was playing as good as any Quarterback in the league. It was almost as if the team was forced to play their 2nd Insurance Policy and were Having the best season in years due to some “random” Quarterback they did not pick to lead their team. Spielman & Company proved that Egos still do exist in Pro Football Management Circles.

Neglecting Bradford?

When Bradford has been healthy he has been a top ten QB in league. Sam’s knee kept him out of action for a large part of 2017 but after surgery, rehab & rest his knee was ready to go as of January 2018 for the playoffs. With Bradford apparently having a clean bill of health entering free agency the Vikings still balked at signing him to a deal to be their starter in 2018 & beyond.



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