New York Giants QB Davis Webb Pre-Draft Analysis

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Davis Webb, California 6’5” 229



Davis Webb enjoyed one of the best seasons statistically in Cal history in 2016 as he threw for nearly 4,300 yards and 37 touchdowns. Webb played early at Texas Tech as well throwing for over 5,000 yards and 44 touchdowns combined as a freshman and sophomore. Webb is a classic pocket passer with touch ingrained into his DNA as a passer. Webb clearly is one of the better deep ball throwers in the class with an easy, natural throwing motion. Webb will get a system label due to his lack of pliability in terms of reacting to pressure and making things work outside the structure of the Air-Raid system.

Analysis  (2016) Stanford, UCLA, Oregon, USC, Utah, (2013) WVU

Davis Webb is an easy thrower who innately puts touch on the ball no matter the type of pass he is throwing. By doing this, he consistently is able to throw a catchable football, making life easy for his receivers. Webb is a refined passer who understand eye manipulation and throwing receiving targets open. Confident thrower. Cover 2 hole shot in the rain against UCLA was a prime example of Webb at work. He first changed the play at the LOS, manipulated the SS with his eyes while putting himself in a position to deliver the ball in the window between the SS and CB with pro level velocity and trajectory. A pure thrower of the football with movement limitations. Not tremendously gifted yet still adequate at throwing on the move in a dead sprint. Also good at throwing off platform or fading away. Throws a great deep ball. May throw the best deep ball/ fade in the entire class, although Deshaun Watson may have something to say about that. Consistently drops the ball into the bucket on fades. Webb is a long strider which can lead to a lack of immediacy in getting himself ready to throw on the move. Will be forced to adjust to more of a pro-style offense after playing in the Sonny Dykes air raid at Texas Tech and Cal. This may prove to be an issue but he is a slightly more talented prospect than Jared Goff was coming out. He is an anticipation thrower by nature who does not have to exert much energy when getting rid of the ball. His release hovers in the 3/4 range and this is something that is not ideal for him even at 6’5”.

Does not show particularly good feet dropping back with his drops becoming lazy and undisciplined. Will need to be worked with on the elements of his drop because often at Cal and Texas Tech Webb would take a hitch in the pocket as opposed to just planting his back foot and firing the ball. Raw from an overall feet perspective but still possesses high end balance and mechanics while transferring weight during throws. Might throw with best touch in class. His deep balls do lose energy on the end. Can be a push thrower at times. Not a natural full throwing motion. Tendency to drop his arm slot on intermediate to deep level touch throws.
Has tendency to bounce in the pocket which makes him less efficient in throwing on time. He does have high end arm talent in the sense that he can get rid of the ball in very smooth order while making a variety of throws. Timing and rhythm thrower who has a place in the league as a backup.


Webb does not consistently drive off his back leg which affects his overall velocity on certain throws. Sloppy, freelance type feet in the pocket. Un-disciplined from a footwork standpoint. Is going to need a re-tool of drop back mechanics at next level. Not crisp with his feet. Lazy Feet (at times), not a great mover. Would prefer to throw with touch rather than anticipating windows although he still can do that.

Played in a very quarterback friendly system. Not the most graceful of movers.
Not nearly as quick twitched or athletic as you would like, comes across as raw from a pure footwork perspective. In shotgun 100 percent of time, somewhat lackadaisical from the time he catches snap until ball comes out of hand. Very in control as thrower just does not generate adequate torque which causes passes to lose steam on back end. Has a tendency to not get his lower half involved in his throws ie throwing without a solid base mechanically and often fades away off his back foot.


​Davis Webb has excited during the pre draft process with his football intelligence, character and off the field polish. This coupled with his senior season tape has generated a decent amount buzz surrounding him. We feel though based on where he is at currently as a player that he has a decent road ahead in terms of developing into a starting quarterback. Webb has flashed his arm talent but needs mechanical work as he transitions to the pro level. Look for Webb to stick in the league as a developmental backup for some time with the potential to




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