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Included below is a large portion of our Josh Allen scouting report from our 2018 Draft Guide


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Josh Allen ​6’5” 237 Wyoming *JR


In 2014, Josh Allen was the starting quarterback at Reedley Community College. After throwing for 2,055 yards & 26 touchdowns against only 5 interceptions Allen drew minimal interest in recruiting circles & ultimately ended up at Wyoming, one of the few schools who ended up wanting him. After receiving a medical redshirt year in 2015, Allen took over as the Cowboys starter in 2016 and had a mostly stellar year statistically as he threw for 3,200 yards 28 touchdowns against 15 interceptions. Allen saw his numbers dip in 2017 as he went for 1,800 yards with 16 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. Allen was a career 56% completion passer & also compiled 767 yards on the ground to go along with 12 rushing touchdowns. Allen enjoyed an abrupt rise to stardom during his time in Laramie and is a relative rarity among high end QB prospects in that he played first at the Junior College level before finding success at NCAA level (Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers)


Trait Grades (Allen)

Arm Talent (A-) Toughness (B) Arm Strength (A) Pocket Presence (C)

Ball Placement/Accuracy (B+) Intangibles/Off-Field (A-) Delivery/Mechanics (A)

Running Ability/Athleticism (A) Anticipation (B-) Football IQ (B) Touch (B-)

Throw on Run (A)


Raw Arm Talent, Functional Athleticism, Smooth & Decisive Mover, Excellent Feet, Smooth & Mechanically Sound With His Drops, Elite Arm Strength, Ability To Throw On Run, Release, Size, Ability To Make Tight Window Throws, Quick Release.


Anticipation, Accuracy, Throwing With Pace, Beating Defenses With His Mind Pre-Snap, Manipulating Ball Trajectory, Throwing With Trust Into Windows With Touch, Pocket Steadiness/Comfort, Throwing Receivers Open.

Tape Analysis (Allen)

When evaluating Josh Allen his physical traits jump off the tape as there are countless times where he looks like a Dan Marino clone throwing the football down the field. This has proven to be just an aberration at this point as Allen’s game has been marred with inconsistency. When he is on Allen has demonstrated the ability to place the football deep down the field with rare velocity & distance & doing so without setting his feet. Allen can also be crisp and on time operating as a precision passer within the short game but at this point is not consistent enough on a down by down basis. He will hesitate to throw with anticipation & pace within the intermediate game, particularly between the hashes which speaks to Allen’s inability at diagnosing coverages before the ball is snapped & he has not shown a great ability to take advantages of coverage weak spots. Will “freeze” in the pocket & instincts tell him to tuck & run too often. Allen is a very athletic mover who can easily create yards with his legs and get himself out of tough spots. Allen throws very well on the move especially moving to his right. Accuracy & anticipation issues. Shows the ability to reset & fire. Shows flashes of looking like the best quarterback prospect in decades in terms of his release, mechanics & raw arm talent. Possesses tremendous ability to thread the needle on difficult tight window throws. Allen has a rare ability to throw with both velocity & distance and no other play exemplified this more than an on the move throw against UNLV from 2016. Allen exited the pocket to his right after initial pressure and threw an all arm 57 yard frozen rope to his receiver near the goal line. It is safe to say that Allen has the strongest arm coming into the draft since Cam Newton in 2011. Allen shows off his arm on a variety of throws including skinny posts, deep out & fades where the ball actually gains steam at the back end. His arm strength & athleticism will put immense stress on NFL secondaries as they will be forced to defend the entire field late into the down.



Josh Allen has made strides in refining his game while doing pre draft prep work with Jordan Palmer, a noted QB developer. His pro day was exemplar & Allen has built solid momentum heading into the draft. We believe Allen will be one of the first two quarterbacks selected & will end up going to a team that will allow him to sit & learn behind a veteran. If Allen continues to improve upon the noted deficiencies within his game & turns in his “A” game throughout training camp there will be a strong internal desire to turn him loose earlier than expected in year 1. Allen clearly has rare skills throwing the football but it will be the finer minute elements of the position that will ultimately determine just how good he can be in the NFL.

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