Baker Mayfield Pre-Draft Sample Report


Baker Mayfield​ 6’0 1⁄2 215 Oklahoma


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The two time college walk on defied the odds stacked against him after transferring away from a QB room at Texas Tech that included both Patrick Mahomes II & Davis Webb. (Mayfield started as a true freshman for the Red Raiders) Mayfield quickly asserted himself as a Sooner in 2015 as he took hold of the starting job from the outset & enjoyed massive success as the triggerman of a pass happy spread system in Norman. When all was said & done Mayfield threw for over 14,000 yards with 131 touchdowns & 30 interceptions – placing himself in elite company as he is currently ranked 7th in all time NCAA passing yards. Mayfield also rushed for over 1,000 yards and 21 touchdowns throughout his college career.

Trait Grades (Mayfield)

Arm Talent (B)

Arm Strength (B)

Ball Placement/Accuracy (B)


Toughness (A-)

Pocket Presence (B-)

Intangibles/Off-Field (B)

Anticipation (B)

Football IQ (A-)Touch (A-)

Delivery/Mechanics (B+)

Running Ability/Athleticism (B+) Throw on Run (A)


Instincts, Throwing With Touch, Arm Strength Between Hashes, Deep Arm Strength, Pre-Snap Decision Making, Throwing on Run, Quick Release, Lower Body Strength, Quick Twitched Mover, Toughness, On Field Leadership, Fearless, Creative Playmaker


Lacks Fluidity & Ease with Drops, Inconsistent Feet, Inconsistent Throwing Mechanics, Playing From Within Pocket, Played in Gimmick Based Shotgun Spread, Lacks Pinpoint Accuracy, Plays Position in Un-Disciplined Manner, Pocket Feel

Tape Analysis (Mayfield)

Baker Mayfield is both comfortable & confident at creating off second reaction movement plays and possesses quick eyes to find receivers down the field while on the move. Mayfield naturally throws with good touch to all field levels and has clearly demonstrated the refined ability to level the ball over underneath defenders with ease. Oklahoma utilized Mayfield’s excellent throwing ability on the move by incorporating a variety of deceptive play action based rollouts. Mayfield does operate with more comfort moving to throw as opposed to dissecting defenses from within the pocket – In fact, often times Mayfield will step up into pressure and or sacks while attempting to navigate the pocket. Possesses good understanding of marrying his internal clock to the conceptual design of a given play but often times he has a tendency to become jittery and frenetic from within the pocket when pressure arises & the end result is Mayfield NOT being highly disciplined from a footwork perspective which negatively affects ball placement & timing.

Mechanically as a thrower he will open his left hip too soon on fade routes that will cause his passes to lose steam. Has room to grow in terms of becoming a more

mechanically refined thrower of the football. Carries with him a creator’s instinct once the ball is snapped. One of the better intermediate area touch throwers in class. Shows the ability to play within the structure & design of the offense at times & his delivery/feet allow for him to get the ball out fast. One of the better if not the best movement thrower in class. Consistently displays elite touch on deep routes down the middle of field showing the ability to drop the ball into the bucket. Will not be able to consistently beat you with anticipation and timing from within pocket. Tendency to Move at first sign of pressure which will not translate at next level. Only an average athlete at the pro level for position.

Front shoulder will flail open often resulting in Mayfield spraying the ball off intended targets. Has a tendency to become an aim thrower on short crossing routes. One of better deep post throwers in class due to his above average arm strength in driving the ball down the field with arc. Struggled at times opening up his hips while throwing to left to ensure proper ball location on intermediate crossing routes. Extremely good instincts moving to throw and will set up defenders with deceptive behavior on the move, giving himself the ability to create space at elite levels. Shows the ability to adjust his arm slot to throw over and around defenders. Inability to throw targets open on a consistent basis. Will place ball on wrong shoulder of intended target which disallows optimal YAC opportunities. Excellent agility outside of pocket. Better anticipation passer on the move than when confined to the pocket. Not excellent at keeping his receivers safe with ball placement. Does not display pinpoint ball placement on consistent basis. `


Baker Mayfield will be selected at some point in the first round. There are many quarterback needy teams & Mayfield will need to go to a system that “bends” its ideology to fit his skillset. A hybrid west coast/college spread system would allow Mayfield the best chance at NFL success. We believe Mayfield can be a productive player in the league ONLY if he is in the optimal position to succeed. We feel as though

he is a project at this point in dire need of development. The potential to BUST is there with Mayfield.

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