Jaguars new starting QB Gardner Minshew pre-draft sample report

  .Gardner Minshew II​ 6’1” 225 ​Washington State​ ​

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Minshew II started for East Carolina in 2017 but ended up transferring to Washington State for his RS Senior year in 2018 where quickly asserted himself as the starter and    .put. up video game numbers on a weekly basis playing for Mike

Leach. When all was said & done he threw for over 4,700 yards, 38 touchdowns against only 9 interceptions while completing a staggering 71% of his throws.

Trait Grades (Minshew)

Arm Talent (B) Toughness (B-)
Arm Strength (C+) Pocket Presence (B-)
Ball Placement/Accuracy (A-) Intangibles/Off Field (A-)
Delivery/Mechanics (A-) Running Ability/Athleticism (B-) Throw on Run (B+)

Tape Analysis​ (Minshew)

Throws with anticipation, naturally throws with touch. Good understanding of how to throw to his receivers open versus man coverage in terms of leading them to space as Minshew places the ball in spots only his guys are able to come down with. Comfortable throwing his targets open down the field (both intermediate as well as the vertical game) leading them away from defenders to ensure completion. Really was remarkable how comfortable Minshew was from the get-go (arrived in Pullman during May 2018) being the triggerman for Mike Leach’s air raid system. Minshew came to WSU after strongly considering transferring to Alabama as a 5th year Senior. Before coming to WSU, he spent time at ECU, where he played quite a bit as well as East Mississippi CC & Troy.

His marriage with Leach in 2018 could not have gone any better for both parties as the Cougars enjoyed a meteoric rise up the Poll rankings culminating with an Alamo Bowl victory the year after the program lost four year starter Luke Falk to graduation. His story serves as a rare case study for the sport of a talented yet overlooked quarterback who was passed over as a player, elected to roll the dice transferring in his final year and hit the proverbial jackpot while doing so, something rarely if ever seen.

Minshew does a nice job of manipulating undercoverage with his shoulders & eyes (when situation calls for it) as he is adept at looking off hard one way & re-setting the other way throwing a variety of shallow or intermediate crossing routes to his targets in stride. Possesses terrific spatial awareness in terms of knowing where defenders are located and what their responsibilities consist of. Uses his manipulation tactics to freeze/hold defenders inorder to open up lanes orwindows to throw into.

Very smooth and fluidmover dropping back to pass. Does this very naturally & with great rhythm. Exhibits quick feet. Adept at leveling the football over and around undercoverage defenders while working the intermediate levels. Minshew is also very good at spinning the ball with arc on deeper throws outside the numbers (corner, fade). Plays the position with a high football IQ.

Arm strength limitations that may very well limit his ceiling in the NFL. Arm is not as strong as a Baker Mayfield’s was coming out. Solid feel for passing .windows within short & intermediate areas of the field. Minshew intuitively understands timing across a number of different route combinations and it shows up on film as he demonstrates the consistent ability to throw receivers open, anticipating throws and does so with great pace. He does not deal well with pressure either

early or late in the down as his composure in these situations is affected negatively amidst interior chaos. Has a tendency to force throws while under duress, often off his back foot and his lack of arm strength is magnified. Mechanics break down under pressure which leads to balls that flutter out of his hand.


Gardner Minshew has many of the attributes a successful NFL quarterback needs. He is one of the more refined passers in the class but one who will have to do all the little things well in order to reach his potential at the next level. His NFL ceiling will be determined by the situation he goes to and his ability to take advantage of every single opportunity granted to him. We believe he has a bright future and will be selected at some point during rounds 4-5. He has a legitimate chance at sticking in the league for quite some time most likely as a high levelbackup with the potential to start at some point down the line. System fit is going to be crucial for Minshew because if he goes to a system that does not feature or ask him to do what he does best he could end up out of the league within 2-4 years. If he lucks out by going to a great system and a staff who truly believes in him he could end starting in the league someday.

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