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The 2020 QB Focused Draft Guide is now ready for download.  If you are ready to do so, click this link. and it will take you to the sales page where you can buy your copy

Optimized for on-demand web & mobile access & each player is bookmarked for navigational simplicity.

What You Get

Comprehensive & in-depth player profiling, film based grading & analysis canvassing the entirety (1st Rd-UDFAs) of the 2020 QB class. (16 prospects evaluated)

Player Analysis

Holistic approach combining both film analysis & trait grading with the aim to analyze each player from both a macro & micro standpoint focusing on the elements that contribute to player performance both good & bad. As a result each player scouting report is comprehensive with a level of granularity that is not common place within the community.

Trait Glossary

We define 12 critical areas of the position that a prospect is graded out on & provide professional models for each category. Prospects are graded & measured against a pro-learning/grading curve.

Positional Rankings/Future Projection 

(Class Rankings,Round Projection, System Fit, Career)

How to purchase

Purchase your copy for $5.00 by visiting the purchase area where you can pay by card

Purchase Area Link – 2020 Draft Guide

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Overview Demonstration of 2019 Draft Guide







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