Premium Pass Game Analysis Sample, Week 1 (Kyler Murray & Jimmy Garoppolo)

Arizona @ San Francisco 9/13/20

Player – #1 Kyler Murray (QB)

Full Game Analysis
Kyler Murray came out of the gates throwing quick game throws that helped him get comfortable. Kingsbury had Murray distributing the ball to DeAndre Hopkins & Larry Fitzgerald early. Murray did a good job of playing from the pocket all game long as he would be both on time & decisive with his throws. He hit a deep comeback to the opposite hash during the 2nd quarter where he looked like a ten year vet. Murray was able to limit big hits from the 49ers front four (he took a few on the day) but was able to protect himself for the most part both in the pocket & when he ran the football. Murray was mechanically sound all day in terms of his feet, torque & release which allowed him to play with timing & throw with anticipation down the field. He was the best QB on the field during this game & was a big reason the Cardinals were able to upset the 49ers on the road. Murray ran for 91 yards on the day & delivered a dagger of a 25 yard electric TD run where he made the 49er secondary look silly due to his burst & agility.

Player Stats (Murray) 26 of 40 for 230 yards 1 TD, 1 INT

Player – #10 Jimmy Garoppolo (QB)

Full Game Analysis
Garoppolo started out on fire from an efficiency standpoint, as he was tasked with making quick short throws, one of which went 76 yards for a TD to RB Raheem Mostert. Jimmy G however began to struggle later on in the game once the Cardinals offense began to sustain drives, the pressure onSF to do the same was there & this seemed to fluster Jimmy a bit. Jimmy was behind his target on a 3rd & 5 to the flat mid first quarter and it was the beginning of a somewhat erratic day for him. He was generally uncomfortable in the pocket once any semblance of pressure arrived which
resulted in Jimmy dropping his eyes & panicking. He also did not properly ID coverage on a 3rd & 3 where it was clear man to man would open a specific route over the ball, but Jimmy panicked and threw up a prayer to his wheel route.

The 4th quarter came along and Jimmy G shrunk during the 49ers final opportunity late. The drive started with 5:03 left and SF down by 4 points at their own 25. Jimmy G did enough to get the offense in a position to take the lead by way of his quick passing & legs picking up a key first down near midfield. The offense stalled however once they got to the red zone as Garoppolo was trying to aim throws & not trust either what he was seeing pre-snap or just flat out mis reading coverages. The drive ended with a Garoppolo incompletion on 4th down where he hesitated on a 9-10 yard out route to his right side. As Garoppolo became more uncomfortable in the pocket, his lower body mechanics began to break down & he was not getting enough depth in his drop backs & also was short striding his throws.

Player Stats (Garoppolo) 19 of 33 for 259 yards & 2 TD

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