Draft Guide Sample Report, Dwayne Haskins

Dwayne Haskins​ 6’3 3⁄8 230 Ohio State *Soph


In his lone year as the starting quarterback for the Buckeyes, Haskins accumulated a stat line of 4,831 yards through the air while throwing for a jaw

dropping 50 touchdowns against only 8 interceptions. He completed over 70 percent of his throws & holds the Big Ten all time record for both yards and touchdown passes in a single season. Haskins was in a reserve role behind J.T Barrett in 2017. Enters the NFL draft after a breakout 2018 season that saw his stock as a player rise at a rapid rate not normally seen for a first year starter.

Trait Grades (Haskins)

Arm Talent (B+) Toughness (B-)
Arm Strength (A-) Pocket Presence (C)
Ball Placement/Accuracy (B-) Intangibles/Off Field (B)
Delivery/Mechanics (B) Running Ability/Athleticism (C) Throw on Run (A-)


Big play ability, throwing deep MOF, intermediate Game, decision making, football IQ, deep arm power/placement


Upper body mechanics, Trying to be perfect (aim thrower) at times, athleticism, staying calm under duress, slow/awkward feet at times, anticipation, touch underneath

Anticipation (B) Football IQ (A-) Touch (B-)

Trait Grades (Haskins)Arm Talent (B+) Toughness (B-)
Arm Strength (A-) Pocket Presence (C)
Ball Placement/Accuracy (B-) Intangibles/Off Field (B)
Delivery/Mechanics (B) Running Ability/Athleticism (C) Throw on Run (A-)

Tape Analysis​ ​(Haskins)

Demonstrates ability to place the ball exactly where he wants to when he wants to while operating from pocket when facing zone undercoverage particularly on MOF in breaking intermediate routes. Deftly places passes over the outstretched arms of 2nd level defenders. Natural thrower on the move who is fairly fluid & coordinated delivering the ball while still running towards the sideline. High football IQ & stays away from making egregious errors with the ball. Efficient but not outstanding from a footwork standpoint. Throws with solid pace. Does not naturally throw with touch ingrained into his DNA as a passer specifically within short/intermediate game which results in misfires to targets that are dropped in the short/intermediate range. Does not naturally place the ball away from man defenders which proved to be problematic at times for him. Deep game is hit or miss for Haskins. Multiple throws deep that ended up being perfectly placed with elite velocity but there were other times where Haskins timing and placement on deep throws was off as he has a tendency to wait a beat long before letting the ball go.

Can become frantic when dealing with pressure in which his mechanics break down resulting in ball placement issues. A beneficiary at times of elite schematic design where receivers were running wide open. Does a great job at re-positioning his feet instinctively when adjusting the angle of his initial set in the pocket which allows him to open his hips and still be accurate. Average overall athleticism. Made multiple big time throws in what proved to be a showcase game for him in the Big Ten Championship game that featured Haskins moving deep defenders with his eyes and placing the ball deep down the field with relative ease. Natural enough thrower on the move. Great at throwing on time down the field between the hashes and has enough arm to make most if not all throws. Balls can get away from Haskins when he is not in a rhythm and the issue can be compounded over multiple series. His confidence can become rattled when things are not going as expected for him which may speak to inexperience. At times his release can become too elongated/choppy which has a negative effect on ball placement. Additionally, his elbow placement at times will remain low during his throwing motion which causes Haskins to spray the ball inaccurately.


Haskins meteoric rise to be included in the QB 1 conversation for the 2019 NFL Draft has thrown him into the spotlight and there are many positives surrounding his potential at the next level. However, he is a young, inexperienced player who will need to sit during year 1. He has the potential to develop into a viable starter at the next level but there are issues that will need to be ironed out first. Learning on the job would not be the best medicine for him right away. We have Haskins graded out as a 2nd round prospect but due to demand will most likely be selected in mid-late Round 1. We believe Haskins will end up having a chance to be a starter at some point but are not sold on his ability to be a team’s long term solution as a franchise quarterback.

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