Draft Guide Sample Report, Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)

Trevor Lawrence 6’5 5⁄8 220 Clemson


Lawrence is one of the most hyped quarterback prospects our generation has ever seen. He burst onto the scene as a true freshman in 2018 throwing for 3,280 yards 30 touchdowns & 4 INT while leading the Tigers to a National Championship. For his career, Lawrence passed for 10,098 yards, 90 touchdowns against 17 interceptions while completing 67% of his throws. Lawrence was a force on the ground as well & rushed for 983 yards & 18 touchdowns. Lawrence blends both athletic power & refined mechanics that make him a very unique prospect.

Trait Grades (Lawrence)

Arm Talent (A-) Toughness (A) Anticipation (B-) Arm Strength (A-) Pocket Presence (B) Football IQ (B+) Ball Placement (B+)

Intangibles/Off Field (A-) Touch (B) Delivery/Mechanics (A-) Running/Athleticism (A-) Throw on Run (A-)

Tape Analysis (Lawrence)

Plays the position with quick eyes. Very comfortable throwing with confidence deep down the MOF as Lawrence is very clean mechanically & his internal clock is consistently precise on these types of throws. Plus arm talent. Shows the ability to throw with anticipation while on the move (Corner and out routes) Quick release allows Lawrence to fit balls into tight windows between the hashes at the intermediate level but he does not seem to anticipate these types of throws but rather relies on natural arm talent. Very good mechanically from the shotgun in terms of getting the ball out with efficiency & suddenness. Lawrence flashes elite ability throwing the fade vs both pure cover 2 & man coverage (touch, timing, velocity) Has a tendency to stare down targets a tic longer than he should. He can throw with anticipation, but he does not do it regularly. Has a quick release but one that can get rather long at times.

Needs to take better care of the football in the red area. Multiple examples of him turning the ball over near the end zone. Lawrence threw two early red area interceptions during a 2019 road contest (Louisville) against zone coverage that confused him. He did however come back after those mistakes & made in-game corrections to take the check-down more regularly & thrown into zones on time with anticipation. Somewhat of a long strider when he navigates the pocket. He has adequate foot quickness/suddenness but his natural inclination is to be a long strider when doing so which causes him to get stuck vs good defensive lineman when trying to manipulate the pocket.

Needs better quick game eye manipulation
Very good athletic instincts.
Can adjust ball trajectory well.
Does not need a ton of room to get throws off. Shows ability to operate within a phone booth & deliver the ball quickly in the face of pressure. Speeds up delivery.

One cut runner, does not set up defenders well but does have great straight line & one cut explosion as a runner.
Very good mechanically from the shotgun. Feet, release, timing are ingrained into his make-up, especially when throwing down the field (seams, posts, deep outs) Shows adequate to good pocket presence, sliding evading pressure to buy more time. Can be a very accurate thrower of the football when he is decisive on where to go with it. Tremendous accuracy & timing throwing to deep middle of the field. Shows the ability to get the ball out of his hand fast in the quick game from the gun (mechanics, release)

Weak Areas

Struggles to naturally throw with great touch short, (checking down to backs or quick game which causes passes to get broken up at times.) Low release point considering he is 6’6”. At times Lawrence will have throws batted down due to this. Anticipation needs work. Struggles at times with anticipating windows in the intermediate areas of the field, other times does not though (inconsistent). Needs to really protect himself better as a runner as he does not have an ideal build to take the type of punishment he took in college at the NFL level. Long arms cause his motion to become elongated at times.
3⁄4 release which does result in batted balls within quick game. Feet get away from him too often, resulting in sack or incompletion (in-ability to quickly evade with elite foot suddenness/natural quick movement, long limbs cause Lawrence to look awkward at times.) Does not ad-lib great with his throwing motion. Motion stays the same no matter the type of throw.

Projection (Lawrence)

Expect Lawrence to be the first quarterback selected at #1 by Jacksonville. The hype surrounding him is legitimate & matches his overall skill-set. There are blemishes in his college film however. The highs are off the charts but the low’s do cause concern for me. There is development that still needs to be had. Lawrence is going to end up learning on the job as a rookie & has the potential to become a Pro Bowl level player that can be a franchise quarterback for years to come. If the things he needs to improve on such as consistent overall accuracy, patience for taking what is there in the passing game & anticipation do not end up coming to fruition for Lawrence at the next level he is going to be a player that will hold the offense back & ultimately will be shown the door at some point. If he does become successful improving these deficient areas, Lawrence will be a mainstay in Jacksonville for a long time because his god given physical ability is special. As we have seen over & over again though, high level NFL quarterback play is about mastering the minute details at the position, something Lawrence has yet to do.

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