Draft Guide Sample, Jordan Love

Jordan Love 6’3”3⁄4 224 Utah State *JR

The Bakersfield, CA native was a part time starter for Utah St. as a redshirt freshman in 2017 and was just average from a statistical production standpoint. As a sophomore in 2018, Love had a break-out year as he passed for a school record 3,567 yards with 32 touchdowns and six interceptions. In 2019 while acclimating to a coaching change, Love regressed production wise and finished the year with 3,402 yards, 20 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. While in college, Love majored in Human Movement Science.

Trait Grades (Love)
Arm Talent (A-) (B-)
Arm Strength (A-) Ball Placement (B)
Toughness (B)
Pocket Presence (C) Intangibles/Off Field (C+)
Football IQ (B-) Touch (A) Throw on
Delivery/Mechanics (A-) Running/Athleticism (B+) Run (B)

Tape Analysis (Love)

Jordan Love possesses many of the raw materials needed to flourish as an NFL quarterback. Love brings with him an elite level throwing motion, overall arm talent, ability to create space & high end arm strength. Love has a special arm. With that special arm however is an element of rawness with his lower body mechanics. Love is not very disciplined from both a footwork and ability to maintain his lower body mechanics standpoint. There are countless examples throughout his tape where he will use too much arm on deep post throws where he will halt his transfer midway through the throw, which shows that he is reliant too much on throwing with just his arm. As a result, a real tendency developed- certain throws being just a bit off or lost steam at the end, leading to incompletion. Love has very quick feet but the tendency to pull up on certain throws is there.
He is blessed with god given arm talent & strength and at his best can make rare throws into tight windows. He also has the ability to throw with tremendous deep touch & is able to teardrop deep fades in stride to his receivers streaking down the sideline. He shows the ability to throw with anticipation when he knows what he is looking for pre-snap but this is not a repeatable trait throughout his tape. This is one of the reasons why we view him as a project, but one with an incredibly high ceiling due to the natural throwing talent he has. Consistently able to make cover 2 hole shot throws on time with requisite manipulation of deep defenders.
Additionally, Love is not comfortable navigating the pocket deep into the play & has the lowest pocket presence grade among the top four quarterbacks in this class.

Love looks to abort pressure as opposed to staying in & delivering a strike. It’s not that he cannot stand his ground and deliver it’s more that his instinct is to abort. When he does leave the pocket he is able to do so with elite agility, suddenness & instincts. What Love can do rather well is throw naturally with touch. We must take into account his natural arm talent because when he does need to put touch on throws it allows him to be able to make just about every type of throw asked of him on a football field. This ability is something Love has bought into. He does not beat defenses consistently with his mind or with ball placement. He chooses to rely upon his natural arm talent (release, arm strength, touch) & ability to improvise. This brings up the question of why? There are multiple instances of Love taking an extra hitch on throws where the ball needs to come out a bit faster (skinny post) from his 2019 tape.

His ball placement is not ideal either as he has a tendency to throw behind his targets on both short & intermediate in- breaking routes. The issue stems from a slight breakdown in his mechanics (lower body) & being a beat late with the football due to not having a great understanding of pre-snap identification in relation to what routes become hot with safety rotation etc & how his feet play into the timing of certain throws. He is often caught taking an extra hitch or two when the ball should already be out of his hand. As an evaluator, I have questions about his work ethic & football IQ. His tape is littered with questionable decision making, something that could have been nullified with a better understanding of what he is seeing pre-snap.
All this being said, Love still remains the quarterback prospect with the highest ceiling in the entire class, but one who also may have the lowest floor. His ability to throw with great timing & touch down the field (deep post, deep fade) is special. Love is able to place the football with an ideal blend of touch & velocity rarely seen by a college quarterback on these types of throws. The ability is there, moving forward it will be all about development & mastering the mental side of the game for him.

Projection (Love)
We believe there are a few select teams enamored with Jordan Love & understand why they would be. We also know that Love has more red-flags than the following comparable players at his position – Burrow, Tua, Herbert & Jacob Eason (all players who may go in Round 1) The money play is that Love ends up being the fourth quarterback selected & most likely Round 1. We would not be shocked however if Love slides into the 2nd round and a team like the Steelers or Bucs brings him into their program in a developmental role. If Love is able to become more of a student of the game & mature he will be a high level NFL starting quarterback with Pro Bowl potential someday, if he does not clean up those two areas his career will end up being shorter than everyone expected it to be & eventually will be out of the league.

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