CFL QB Evaluation Dan Lefevour (Tampa Bay Bucs QB in 2016)

Veteran Pro QB Dan Lefevour will be competing for a roster spot in Tampa and we go to the archive to take a look at him in action during the 2013 CFL season.

Positives – It is evident on tape that Lefevour possesses NFL level size and athleticism for the position. He is able to evade defenders while running the football and possesses a decent burst as well. He truly is an instinctual runner of the football. He also has a “decent” arm as he is able to spray the ball down the field. Lefevour is also comfortable throwing on the move.

Negatives– Game experience post college. Lefevour is 29 years of age and has had multiple CFL and NFL opportunities in the past yet has not been able to sustain any pro-longed starter status during his career. Throwing motion wise he has the classic over the top delivery but has an overly mechanical feel to it at times.  Ball placement/accuracy is good in spades but he will have to have the training camp of his life in order to make the roster.

Below is our QB Film Room tape piece on Lefevour.

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