QB Film Room Publication Preview, Jameis Winston.

Winston’s initial impact on the NFL was felt by everyone associated with him. His ability to instantly become the vocal leader of the Bucs entire team is something rarely if ever seen in a rookie signal caller. From Day 1, he was in charge. It is one thing to talk a big game but he was able to produce at a high level week in and week out consistently making big plays for the Tampa  offense and was the main catalyst in many of the their wins during 2015. There are many traits that jump out to you on tape in regards to his game. For one, he is a pure play maker at the position and has an innate ability to throw the football down the field with pin-point precision and excellent anticipation.

He just has a natural ability to make big throws down the field. Winston is unfazed by pressure in the pocket. where many QB’s seem to panic under pressure, Winston does the opposite as he gets more into a zone and actually is better under duress. HC Dirk Koetter clearly aided his transition to the NFL by putting him in manageable situations and catering the offense to what Winston does well but it was Winston who was pulling the metaphorical trigger and making things happen for Tampa. Arm Strength is a tool utilized frequently by Jameis as there were multiple instances where he had to re-set his feet or throw of a less than ideal platform yet still made wow type throws down the field. The sky is the limit for him and it is evident the Bucs have their QB of the present and future in Winston.

Jameis Winston

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