QB Film Room Publication Preview, Jameis Winston.

Winston’s initial impact on the NFL was felt by everyone associated with him. His ability to instantly become the vocal leader of the Bucs entire team is something rarely if ever seen in a rookie signal caller. From Day 1, he was in charge. It is one thing to talk a big game but he was able to produce at a high level week in and week out consistently making big plays for the Tampa  offense and was the main catalyst in many of the their wins during 2015. There are many… Read More

Pro QB Almanac Sample, Atlanta’s QB Room.

QB Film Room Pre-Season Publication Preview.   Beginning this August, we will be releasing our Digital In-Depth NFL QB Comprehensive Publication. A large piece of this will entail an In-Depth Study and Evaluation of every QB in the NFL by roster. Here is a sneak peak preview…   Atlanta Falcons Preview.    Atlanta Falcons – 2015 embarked a new era for the Falcons. Out was longtime coach Mike Smith and in came Dan Quinn, who plucked Kyle Shanahan away from Cleveland and in as the franchise’s newly minted offensive coordinator.  QB Matt… Read More

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