Pre-Draft Report (Lamar Jackson)

Author-Bryan Trulen

Lamar Jackson​ 6’2” 216 Louisville

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As a three year starter for the Cardinals, Lamar Jackson threw for 9,043 yards 69 touchdowns & 27 interceptions. Jackson also rushed for an astounding 50 touchdowns while amassing over 4,000 yards on the ground. Jackson was tasked with being the triggerman for a pro-style spread attack that featured both his arm & legs. Jackson exited his college career as one of the most dynamic quarterbacks to ever play at the NCAA level.

Trait Grades (Jackson)

Arm Talent (A-) Arm Strength (A) Ball Placement/Accuracy (B) Delivery/Mechanics (A-)

Toughness (A) Pocket Presence (A-) Intangibles/Off-Field (B+) Running Ability/Athleticism

(A) Anticipation (B+) Football IQ (A-) Touch (B-) Throw on Run (A)



Arm Strength, Electric Playmaker, Throwing On The Move With Ease, Familiarity With Pro Style Passing Concepts, Compact Delivery, Natural Passing Instincts, Sheer Speed As A Runner, Toughness, Pocket Instincts, Anticipation


Inconsistent Touch & Ball Placement On Deep Ball, Throws From a Narrow Base, Often Throws With All Arm, Overall Accuracy Concerns

Tape Analysis (Jackson)

Lamar Jackson played in a pro style offense under Bobby Petrino that allowed for continued growth & development in relation to NFL passing concepts. ​Mechanically, Jackson boasts a compact, snap delivery of the football allowing him to get passes off regardless of pressure or lack of space around him. ​As a passer, Jackson is a short strider which also helps him get the ball off quickly even when his foot platform to throw is sub-optimal. Jackson’s feet are quick & fluid from a drop back game standpoint which in turn allows him to deliver passes before defenders are able to react. Jackson maintains a high ball carriage position & is very quick/sudden mechanically from a release standpoint. Strong arm & quick decision make & displays outstanding arm strength both from within the pocket & on the move. ​When Jackson aborts the pocket he does so in a highly refined manner.​ Often times he would survey down field deep into the play & would only evade the pocket when his instincts called for it, simply put Jackson has elite pocket feel & awareness. There are many

instances on tape where it is apparent Jackson is a passer first & has true passing instincts. Jackson intuitively understands when, where & how to deliver the ball. Shows the ability to make wow type arm strength on the move. Multiple instances of Jackson firing the ball 35-40 yards on a line as he is running out of real estate near the sideline. Jackson is power thrower who is able to generate tremendous velocity on the move without a long windup.

Jackson does have inconsistent lower body mechanics at times & can be a bit stiff as a thrower. Needs to be coached to use more of his body & not just his arm & this is illustrated on throws such as sideline fades where Jackson will be become too erect & lacks the requisite feel & touch to deliver strikes. These are minor issues or at least should be in terms of correcting them as he transitions. The more tape we watch on Lamar the more it becomes apparent that he is the prospect with the highest ceiling in the entire class & deserves to be in discussion with Sam Darnold in terms of QB 1 and 1A.


Jackson is one of the top three quarterbacks in this class & has clearly demonstrated refined abilities in terms of coverage recognition, pure passing instincts as well as operating a pro style attack & is a rare runner at the position. Do not be shocked if Jackson ends up starting as a rookie and takes the league by storm. Jackson has pro bowl potential if he is developed properly at the next level.


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