Pre-Draft Report (Patrick Mahomes II)

Author – Bryan Trulen

Patrick Mahomes II 6’2” 225 Texas Tech


(Photo Credit – Star Tribune)


During his college career, Patrick Mahomes passed for over 11,000 yards, 93 touchdowns and 29 interceptions while making 29 career starts. Mahomes completed nearly 64% of his passes during his time in Lubbock. He also rushed for 845 yards and 22 touchdowns. Mahomes plays the position with a rare blend of athletic instinct, pure passing ability and arm strength. Mahomes was a three sport star at the high school level as he was a top prospect for the MLB draft and averaged 20 points per game on the basketball court. Ultimately it was football that Mahomes chose to pursue and he has put himself on the track to become a franchise quarterback at the next level and we believe he will end up being the best quarterback from this class when we look back ten years from now.

Tape Analysis  (2016) Oklahoma, Arizona State, Baylor, TCU, Louisiana Tech

Agility and instincts within the pocket are off the charts as Mahomes has a second nature feel for moving from within and manipulating the pocket in order to create space for himself. Mahomes is one of the most natural movement throwers in the class as he is very comfortable in this regard something which stems from his baseball background. He is very “light” on his feet and shows the ability to re-set and get his lower half in position to deliver the ball at the snap of a finger. Even though his throwing mechanics need refinement Mahomes shows an innate

understanding of timing and routinely throws with anticipation on multiple types of throws. Mahomes will throw his wide receivers open and does so by anticipating windows in the middle of the field or by way of ball placement on deep routes outside the numbers.

What separates his arm from Chad Kelly’s is Mahomes ability to make wow type off platform throws at levels not seen since Brett Favre. Mahomes has rare arm talent. Has an intuitive feel on how to throw around as well as level the ball over defenders. Throwing with touch is a tool Mahomes relies on a regular basis and is adept at “leading” his receivers versus man coverage. Very Alert in the pocket and will take off and run as a last resort. Quick release that Mahomes uses to his advantage in the short passing game. Mahomes does have a sandlot, freelance feel to his game at times but beneath it all is an understanding of how to play within structure and operate as the triggerman of a pass centric offense. There will be those who dismiss Mahomes as a sand lot player who lacks fundamentals but we feel he is a high end talent with potential to be a franchise quarterback for years to come.



Mahomes will be the first quarterback taken in the 2017 draft as he has seen his stock soar throughout the pre-draft process. Mahomes will most likely sit during year 1 but has the tools to become a franchise level quarterback who can lead his teams to championships if everything falls into place for him.


Trait Grades (Mahomes)

Arm Talent (A)
Arm Strength (A)
Ball Placement/Accuracy (B+) Delivery/Mechanics (B)

Toughness (B+)
Pocket Presence (B+) Intangibles/Off-Field (A-) Running Ability/Athleticism (B)

Anticipation (A-) Football IQ (B+) Touch (A-)
Throw on Run (A-)


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