2019 NFL Quarterback Rankings (1-32)

  1. Tom Brady (Slight dip in physical skills in 2018 but he still came up huge in biggest moments)Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 5.35.57 PM
  2. Pat Mahomes (Nothing more to say- watc to see if he can keep up the pace in 2019)
  3. AndrewLuck (Had a stellar 2018 under Frank Reich)
  4. Russell Wilson (Will he get more help?)
  5. Philip Rivers (Last chance for SB was in 2018, still is an elite player)
  6. Matt Ryan (One tough SOB, re-uniting with Dirk Koetter should help)
  7. Aaron Rodgers (He still is an elite thrower, but he still needs to prove he can be highly functional in new system during year of change)
  8. Drew Brees (Arm is dying to almost gone but his smarts/anticipation/touch still there- NFC title game saw him get exposed in a few critical moments)
  9. Ben Roethlisberger (Still can do what he has done but his decision making may be getting more odd under pressure)
  10. Matthew Stafford (Looking for a re-bound year after battling through injuries in 2018, new OC Darrell Bevell should help him quite a bit honestly this year)
  11. Carson Wentz (If Wentz was not so injury riddled he would be ranked higher but he needs to prove he can stay healthy and be consistent)
  12. Jared Goff (2018 was not a fluke but the SB was brought him back to earth, still things to work on ie Decision Making under pressure)
  13. Deshaun Watson ( Tantalizing player who one play turns your head and the next misses a read or lacks fundamentals)
  14. Baker Mayfield (Great rookie campaign but needs to show up again in 2019)
  15. Cam Newton (Still has elite talent but this will be an interesting guy to follow in 2019 coming of shoulder injury)
  16. Dak Prescott (Stellar 2nd half of 2019 where he put the team on his back. Perhaps best in-game leader at the position in league)
  17. Mitch Trubisky (This is not a mistake. He has areas to improve upon but he showed elite skills you cannot teach in 2018)
  18. Nick Foles (He was his 2017 self until the playoffs last year. Foles panicked under the Superdome pressure during three 4th quarter Eagle drives that resulted in a missed opportunity)
  19. Kirk Cousins (Pressure is on let’s see if he buckles under it yet again or if he manages it well)
  20. Ryan Fitzpatrick (When he is on, he is a top 5 thrower in the league, problem is when he is off he plays like a backu)
  21. Andy Dalton (Could be higher on list and might take off in a new WCO system)
  22. Josh Allen (Off the charts skill set, developing quite nicely in upstate NY)
  23. Jameis Winston (Arians should allow him to take off, may deserve to be higher on this list honestly)
  24. Marcus Mariota (Showed flashes of elite passing ability in 2018)
  25. Sam Darnold (Young kid with HUGE potential)
  26. Lamar Jackson (Electric Dude)
  27. Jimmy Garoppolo (Nothing to say.. we all know)
  28. Derek Carr (Make or break year)
  29. Colt McCoy/Case Keenum (Who knows maybe they shine Gruden’s system but doubt it.
  30. Kyler Murray (Could take league by storm, only this low because we have not seen him play yet
  31. Joe Flacco (Looks slow & lethargic at training camp, Lock will be playing by Week 8)
  32. Eli Manning (Should not be playing anymore)

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