Kyler Murray Draft Guide Report

Author – Bryan Trulen (Sample report from our 2019 Draft Guide)

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Rookie Minicamp(Photo courtesy Cardswire)

Kyler Murray ​5’10” 207 Oklahoma *JR 


Up until just a few months ago, the Dallas, TX native was destined for a career in Major League Baseball. Murray’s talent as a quarterback however proved to be too much to pass up and he ultimately declared for the 2019 NFL Draft after much careful consideration. Murray is a rare prospect who has shown the ability to be an electric playmaker at the position but one who also has the ability to pick defenses apart surgically as a pure passer. As a redshirt junior in 2018 he threw for over 4,300 yards & 42 touchdowns against only 7 interceptions while accumulating over 1,000 yards on the ground with 12 rushing touchdowns. A better overall prospect coming out than his former teammate Baker Mayfield.


Trait Grades (Murray)

Arm Talent (A) Toughness (B-)

Arm Strength (A-) Pocket Presence (B) Ball Placement/Accuracy (A-)

Intangibles/Off Field (B)Anticipation (A-) Football IQ (A-)

Touch (A)

Delivery/Mechanics (A-) Running Ability/Athleticism (A)

Throw on Run (A-)


Pure Passing Instincts, Feel For Windows’, Timing & Touch. Ability To Change Ball Speeds at Intuitive Level, Ability To Power Ball Deep With Snap Delivery, Quick Release, Electric Playmaker, Speed/Quickness, Ultra Quick Processing’ Speed, Placing Passes Away From Defenders, Football IQ, Using Eyes To Hold Deep Defenders


Lack of Ability To See At Times Due To Height, Moves Through Reads Too Fast At Times, Style Of Play Invites Punishment, Will Need Work Operating From Under Center, Will Miss Things That Are Open Initially & Become Stuck

Tape Analysis (Murray)

Possesses an extremely live arm with the ability to fit the ball into tight windows’ without much physical exertion. Quick twitched natural athlete who plays the position with an innate feel that cannot be taught. An easy thrower of the football who generates above average torque during his delivery with snappy wrist action on his follow through. Murray would have outstanding quickness/agility for any position let alone the quarterback position as his off script athleticism has the ability to change the course of a game in an instant’ with one electric run. Has a solid feel for trajectory in terms of leveling the ball over underneath defenders. Will need to improve his ability to anticipate certain types of throws (intermediate) a beat earlier than he did at OU as he always has the proverbial ace in his back pocket (ability to create’ with legs) which at times he uses to his detriment. At times shows advanced manipulation skills by way of holding safeties with his eyes upon receival of the snap and during his drop, is quite natural in this sense.

Murray shows a natural sense of how to complete’ a variety of passes so his receivers remain in optimal position post catch (versus both man & zone)

speaking to a very high football intelligence quotient. He will not hang his targets out to dry nor will he throw behind targets running across the field but will hit them in stride at the face mask level most of the time. Murray may be the best deep ball thrower in this class of quarterbacks. His ability to quickly process coverage both pre and post snap while putting the right combination of touch, power & placement on his deep throws is a thing of beauty & seen often when you turn on his tape. His ability to manipulate the trajectory of his deep passes to match how the secondary is positioned speaks to a level of understanding often seen by first tier starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Quick twitched instinctual mover who shows the ability to reposition himself quickly in order’ to make throws on the move when initial pressure forces him out of the pocket. Extremely fluid from a footwork to release standpoint in terms of getting the ball out fast when his reads dictate to do so. Baseball background helps in this regard.


Expect Kyler Murray to be gone early during round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft. If the Cardinals do pass on him (which they may) look for the Oakland Raiders to select him at the number four spot. Murray will bring with him a game altering skill set both as a passer and as a threat to run which will immediately make him one of the league’s most dangerous quarterbacks once he becomes a starter – which will be at some point during his rookie year. Whatever team Murray ends up on you will want to monitor his progression during training camp & the preseason as it will determine how fast he becomes his team’s starter during year 1. Murray has the potential to become a top 6-8 perennial Pro Bowl quarterback in the league.

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