Rivers Revival, LA Style (Philip Rivers 2017)

Philip Rivers has put the Chargers on his back ever since the NYG game on October 8 and is playing some of the best football of his career. We take a look at his 434 Yard 3 Touchdown performance against Dallas from Thanksgiving Day.  For Analysis on Rivers and every rostered NFL QB get the 2017 Pro QB Almanac 

Isolation Series, Jared Goff 3rd Window Throw (2017)

  Jared Goff put together a masterful performance Sunday against the Saints. We Isolate one of his touchdown throws for review.    

Player Analysis, Kirk Cousins (2017)

  We evaluate Kirk Cousins hidden abilities as a QB. Placement, Touch, Recognition and an Intuitive Feel for Timing.

Player Analysis, Colin Kaepernick (2015)

Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room takes a look at a handful of Colin Kaepernick throws that speak to the type of player he is inside the Pocket. Outside of the pocket he remains an electric talent and at times looks the part of a solid pocket player. He will be seeking consistency when he returns to the league. Read about Kaepernick and every other rostered league QB by purchasing our 2017 Pro QB Almanac  

Isolation Series, Kirk Cousins (2017)

Analysis and telestration work from us at QB Film Room as we delve into Raiders- Redskins tape and pull out three of Kirk Cousins best throws from the contest For an In-Depth Report on Cousins be sure to purchase a copy of our 2017 Pro QB Almanac  

Kirk Cousins Recognition, Intuition and Accuracy

Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room Isolates three of Cousins best throws from Week 3 that illustrate his blend of instant recognition, reacting intuitively while displaying great feet and sense of timing For an In-Depth Report on Cousins be sure to purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

Brian Hoyer, 2017 Version of Matt Ryan?

  #2 Brian Hoyer 6’2 215 9th Year, Michigan State Hoyer, who is entering his 9th year in the league has clearly made his stake as the 2nd best quarterback behind Matt Stafford to come out of the 2009 draft class. Hoyer is about as refined of a natural passer as there is in the league in terms of how he blends elements such as touch, throwing in rhythm, anticipation and is a very decisive thrower to all areas of the field. Simply put, Hoyer plays the position like a point guard who… Read More

Blake Bortles Isolation Series, Red Zone Anticipation (2017)

Blake Bortles fired back at his ever present critics with a solid Week 3 preseason performance against Carolina. We take a look at his touchdown pass. All Video Content courtesy of NFL Game Pass.    For an In-Depth Report on Bortles and the rest of the Quarterback Landscape, be sure to purchase a copy of our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

Jeff Driskel Evaluation (Pre-Draft)

Bengals QB Jeff Driskel blends athleticism and arm talent as a player and has starting potential.  A guy who we were high on coming out of college in 2016 the fact that Chip Kelly dismissed him in favor of Christian Ponder is very odd. Purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac for further Analysis on Driskel

Deshaun Watson – Recognition and Instincts (2017)

Watson showed us some things during his first pro action against Carolina. We go frame by frame on his touchdown run. (All Video Content courtesy of NFL Game Pass) For an In-Depth Report and Analysis on Deshaun Watson and every other rostered quarterback throughout the league be sure to purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

Isolation Series, Jimmy Garoppolo Injury (2016)

Coaches generally do not want their quarterbacks to freelance and would much rather have them operate from the pocket by working within the confines of the system. The main reason for this is due to the inury risk of straying from the pocket and taking a shot while on the move. We examine the play against Miami from 2016 where Jimmy Garoppolo was injured which speaks to the reason coaches demand that their quarterbacks play the game from the pocket.  We look at how leaving the pocket can turn ugly. For an… Read More

Player Analysis, Ryan Tannehill

Peyton Manning – The Comeback (2015 Chiefs Game)

Bryan Trulen takes a look at Manning’s best performance of his final season. Purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac  

Blake Bortles All-22 Evaluation

Here, we take a look at some Blake Bortles Rookie Tape. For an In-Depth report on Bortles and all of the Jaguars Quarterbacks be sure to purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

Isolation Series, Jamies Winston Anticipation

  Winston enters year three with plenty of solid starting experience

Derek Carr Rookie Film Evaluation (2015)

Derek Carr recently signed a long term deal that will pay him well. We go to our archive and present you with an evaluation of his game.

Isolation Series, Sam Bradford to Adam Thielen All-22

Sean Mannion Evaluation (2016)

With Rams HC Sean McVay stating that the best player will ultimately play at the Quarterback Position we wanted to put some Sean Mannion content up as he is often overlooked at the position. Here are some notes we had on Mannion from August of 2016.

Inside the Design, Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers put together his best all around performance of the year on Christmas Eve against Minnesota. We isolate a handful of his masterful throws on the day in the video below Read about Rodgers in our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

Isolation Series, Jimmy Garoppolo

Garoppolo showed well on during his short stint as starter for New England during 2016. We isolate a throw that demonstrates touch, timing and anticipation        For an In-Depth Report on Garoppolo purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac

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