Player Review, Robert Griffin III

QB Film Room takes a look at an RG3 performance from 2014.

Isolation Series, Aaron Rodgers picking on Trae Waynes

Aaron Rodgers enjoyed his best game of 2016 and it came against a Minnesota secondary that has continues to get exposed late in the year.

Inside the Design, Matt Ryan to Taylor Gabriel (2016)

Author – Bryan Trulen Atlanta put the proverbial “beat down” on the LA Rams as they traveled out west and made the Coliseum their own from the opening kick-off. Matt Ryan played a lead role once again in leading the high powered Atlanta offensive attack. We go inside the design with analysis on the 64 yard TD pass from Ryan to WR Taylor Gabriel. Gabriel is having a break-out season and has been developing as a legitimate deep threat. (All visual content courtesy of NFL Game Pass)          … Read More

Matt Ryan’s Quick Trigger

Atlanta QB Matt Ryan throws the back shoulder goal line fade for six. View this post on Instagram Matt Ryan Back Shoulder Fade A post shared by Bryan Trulen (@btrulen) on Dec 13, 2016 at 7:40pm PST

Isolation Series, Joe Flacco (2016)

For thorough tape based Joe Flaaco Analysis, be sure to purchase our 2017 Pro QB Almanac   View this post on Instagram Joe Flacco Anticipation part 1 A post shared by Bryan Trulen (@btrulen) on Dec 5, 2016 at 5:07pm PST   View this post on Instagram Flacco anticipation part 2 A post shared by Bryan Trulen (@btrulen) on Dec 5, 2016 at 5:20pm PST

Isolation Series, Tom Brady

  Tom Brady continues to perform at an elite level due to his awareness, accuracy and     instincts from within the pocket.

Isolation Series, Carson Palmer (2016)

In this video, we isolate an elite Palmer throw showcasing traits such as sound lower and upper body throwing mechanics, anticipation, eye manipulation and pure arm strength.

The Kevin Hogan Inexperience

Cleveland QB Kevin Hogan saw the field for the first time against the Bengals. On his last drive of the game there were however some missed opportunities for the Signal Caller that may attributable to not having great feet as well as an inability to throw with anticipation outside the numbers.

Analyzing Matthew Stafford’s game winning Touchdown Drive to beat the Redskins.

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford again showed why he is a legitimate MVP candidate as he engineered yet another 4th quarter comeback victory over Washington. Stafford effortlessly moved the Lions down the field with under 2 minutes remaining in a drive that showcased traits such as awareness, a quick release,functional mobility, accuracy, timing and sheer arm power.  Let’s go to the tape and take a look. All Video Capture courtesy of NFL Game Pass. With just over 1:00 to play, Detroit comes out in 10 personnel and the Redskins are deploying a… Read More

Geno Smith Scouting Report

Geno Smith has admitted to getting antsy as he continues to reside on the bench even with the Jets in the middle of a losing streak. It brings us back to 2014 when Geno Smith performed at a Pro Bowl Level albeit in spades for a then Marty Morningwegh led offense. Update – (November 2017) The New York Giants have elected to give Geno his chance as he has been named the Giants starter for the rest of the year For an In-Depth Tape Based Report on Geno Smith, Be sure to… Read More

Sam Bradford’s Statement Drive in Charlotte

In this video, Bryan Trulen of QB Film Room breaks down a momentum changing early 2nd half Viking drive that turned the tide.

Isolation Series – Ryan Tannehill

Creator – Bryan Trulen At QB Film Room, we are introducing a new series for our viewers called Isolation. The objective of this undertaking is to scour the tape and “isolate” one play that we best feel exemplify a strength or a weakness of a specific player. Today we Discuss Ryan Tannehill.

Carson Wentz Week 1 Review (2016 Debut)

Carson Wentz turned in a stellar debut performance vs the Browns. We analyze four of his throws from the All-22 Tape.  

CFL QB Evaluation Dan Lefevour (Tampa Bay Bucs QB in 2016)

Veteran Pro QB Dan Lefevour will be competing for a roster spot in Tampa and we go to the archive to take a look at him in action during the 2013 CFL season. Positives – It is evident on tape that Lefevour possesses NFL level size and athleticism for the position. He is able to evade defenders while running the football and possesses a decent burst as well. He truly is an instinctual runner of the football. He also has a “decent” arm as he is able to spray the ball down… Read More

CFL QB Dan Lefevour signs with Tampa Bay.

Quarterback Dan Lefevour, 29 has signed a tender with the Tampa Bay Bucs in somewhat unexpected fashion. Lefevour shined as a four year starter at Central Michigan from 2006-2009 and subsequently was drafted as a late round pick by the Chicago Bears in the 2010 Draft. His stint with Chicago (and the NFL at large) was brief however and included stops as an off-season QB Insurance Policy in Jacksonville and Cincinnati.   Most recently, Lefevour had served as a sparingly used backup in the CFL while playing for Montreal and Hamilton. It… Read More

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