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What is Premium Pass? In a nutshell, think of Premium Pass as your year round film based information source for detailed & rich player, game & scheme analysis/data.

Our QB Analysis Service (Premium Pass) is designed for consumption across multiple segments within the football industry. More specifically, the football betting community, fans, media members, pro scouting departments, fantasy owners & analysts who are looking to gain a competitive edge by way of knowledge. The service is jam-packed with expert level position specific information, granular player evaluations & scheme analysis/trends uncovered through film study which together, combine to create a unique & valuable service equipped to serve multiple segments of the football industry.

A subscription to Premium Pass will provide you with highly specific, digestable information you can use as an on-demand tool to help you make educated decisions as a bettor, become a more knowledgable fan or to gain a competitive advantage (scouting department/team, analyst, fantasy owner, media member)

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An example of the type of video content found on our website (Isolation Series, Justin Herbert (Oregon) Draft Prospect QB Evaluation

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