Roster Overview Podcast – Minnesota (2017)

Our first episode of our Summer Podcast Series featuring a Roster Overview of the Minnesota Vikings QB Room. If you value the content you find on this blog feel free to leave a donation to help support us.  Donate Via PayPal

Teddy Bridgewater Tape Analysis


Passing Game Creativity out of 12 Personnel. (Norv Turner, Teddy Bridgewater)

Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner is an absolute wizard when it comes to utilizing and taking advantage of the tight end position within the play action passing game.  Unpredictability and using players as movable chess pieces on a board that is the football field can create throwing windows that were previously nonexistent.  The crude stages of whiteboard introductory design to repping the play all week in practice to calling the play  at the right time on game day is considered a culmination of sorts in terms of all of the aforementioned stages coming… Read More

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