Isolation Series, Sam Bradford to Stefon Diggs

Sam Bradford started for the Vikings after just two weeks of being in Minnesota. Bradford looked comfortable running the offense and made huge throws all night. Bradford exemplified ideal arm strength, accuracy and toughness all evening long and we go ahead and analyze one of his best throws from the evening.

Isolation Series – Blaine Gabbert

Creator – Bryan Trulen At QB Film Room, we are introducing a new series for our viewers called Isolation. The objective of this undertaking is to scour the tape and “isolate” one play that we best feel exemplify a strength or a weakness of a specific player. Today we Discuss Blaine Gabbert.

Colin Kaepernick Analysis

Colin is entering the most important training camp of his life, where he suddenly finds himself competing with Blaine Gabbert for the 49er QB Job. Colin was beaten up last year and had three major off-season surgeries of which he is still recovering from. It will be paramount for Kaepernick to be playing at his best in Chip Kelly’s fast paced offense if he wants to beat out Gabbert for the role. Here, we bring you some All-22 footage of Kapernick in action from 2014.

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